Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby James: Week 5...This Experience Has Been Excellent!

He looks happy :)

Five weeks in and I'm still having fun. The good times definitely outweigh the stressful times. James, Mr. Boo and I had another week of fun adventures we want to share with y'all:

-We picked a babysitter for James! Her name is Jane and we really liked her. She has a lot of experience and loves kids so much. It's definitely a relief to have this task accomplished.

-We seemed to have conquered the bottle feeding mountain. I went to a hair appointment last weekend and left James with Mr. Boo (sort of a cold turkey situation). Boo said that he fussed for about 45 minutes and eventually drank the milk. We figured out we weren't letting the milk warm up enough. When we started warming it up more, he took the bottle without a fuss! Good job, dad! Now I'm a little less stressed when I leave James home with daddy. He currently drinks 1.5-2 ounces at a time before he needs a break. I've been told he should be drinking around 3 ounces at this point. Hopefully he'll build up to that amount soon :)

-I was dying to know how much weight James has gained. So, we went to Walmart and I stepped on the scale, picked him up and reweighed myself. I think he's about 8 lbs. now!

-I put together James' floor gym and put him on it for the first time. He loved all of the new stimulation and even tried reaching for some of the toys! I posted a video on Facebook of him hitting the toy for the first time. We also use this for tummy time (which we officially started this week).

-James went 4 days without pooping! I know that an infant can go a few days without a BM but I was still slightly concerned. He just seemed uncomfortably gassy and had the stinkiest farts! He finally pooped late on Monday and then early on Tuesday then again on  Friday. I bought "Little Remedies for Tummys" at CVS today in hopes that it will relieve his gas and make him seem more comfortable.

-James turned 1 month this week which I posted about HERE. You may notice two different outfits...that's because he barfed two different times while I was trying to take the pictures!

-Cousin Tami and Aunt Patty visited us this week! They brought us Cane's for dinner and some delicious cookies. It was good to visit with them and share stories :)

-James and I went  to Baby Laptime in Gahanna on Wednesday. Although he slept the entire time, I sang to him anyway. Hopefully he'll stay awake for one of the visits in the future.

-James met my co-workers.

-We gave James his first "real" bath (thanks for the inspiration, Sarah K.!)

-Spent some time with Becca (my pregnancy twin) and her girl, Charlotte (only 10 days younger than James).

-Finally, I went to my first dinner with some girlfriends without James. It was fun but difficult. I missed my boy (at least our entire conversation centered around our babies). I cried almost the whole way home because I felt guilty for leaving him :(

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