Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baby James: Week 6...Fun With Hibernation and Farts

I have been challenged this week. I'm really struggling with this cold weather. Who wants to get a baby ready to get out in this crap?! I envisioned my maternity leave being adventurous, going places with my baby boy. I have absolutely no motivation to get out of the house when it's this cold out. O.k...enough negativity.

This week:

-We went to Cooper's 1st birthday party (James' cousin)

-I'm getting a little more comfortable with taking James out to eat. We met our friends Dan and Becca (who just had Charlotte) at Planks. I think James likes all of the noise in the place.

-James started sleeping longer stretches this week! Hopefully this is a trend that doesn't end! He has slept as long as 6 1/2 hours. He typically does this after his last feeding of the evening (anywhere from 8-10 p.m.). He then wakes every 2 1/2-3 hours. I think he had a growth spurt one day because he was eating every hour!

-I'm really excited that James gets to watch Peyton Manning play in the Superbowl next weekend!

-James performed his first Hip Hop routine which I posted on Instagram and Facebook if you want to check it out!

-My little man has outgrown most of his newborn sleepers (his legs are too long to straighten out all the way)! We put him in 0-3 month size sleepers but they are too big! I guess I need to do 0-3 month clothing inventory to make sure he has what he needs...looks like I'll be packing up the newborn clothes soon :(

-With the help of Mr. Boo and Dr.Brown's bottles, I have managed to be able to workout regularly since my appointment last week. I can't say I have a routine but I'm making it happen!
Milk hangover?

-I won the "Mommy of the Year" award this week when I accidentally hit James' head on the TV stand and left a red spot for an entire day. I made my baby cry for a whole 5 seconds :(

-I had a huge reality check this week: I go back to work in a month. I seriously cannot think about that right now. I know it's what I need to do but I can't begin to imagine leaving my boy. If someone could just pay off mine and Mr. Boo's student loans, I might be able to stay at home with my boy. I need to go to a support group for moms who have to they have that?!

-James is officially NOT a frequent pooper but he farts A LOT!! A direct quote from my journal on 1/23: "James hasn't pooped in 5 days, coffee makes me poop...give James coffee?!" In case you are wondering, I did not give my baby coffee :) FYI: He did FINALLY have a blowout after 6 days! It was massive but I managed to clean it up without getting it on anything! (maybe this accomplishment cancels out the hitting him on the head thing?).

-I got my carrier in the mail yesterday. I was excited and put him in it but he was a little fussy so I probably should have waited until he was happier but I couldn't contain my excitement about it. I'll try again this weekend :)

James' firsts this week:

-He is "talking" now...he makes the cutest "goo/coo" noise

-He is showing more emotion and response on his face.

-He's starting to grab at things like my hair and my shirt :)

-Boppy pillow naps (under supervision of mommy and daddy)

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