Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Thursday, January 9, 2014

5 Yoga Poses for Flat Abs- A Review

This is a post-pregnancy workout from As I looked at this workout, I noticed they are all exercises that I've done before so I thought "Piece of cake!" (You can click the "post pregnancy workout" link and follow along)

Exercise #1: Plank Vinyasa
I think I mentioned in this post that I wasn't going to try a real plank because I didn't think my post partum core was ready for it. I think I was right! Well, sort of. I was able to perform all the reps of this exercise but I REALLY felt it in the lowest part of my core/abdomen.

Exercise #2: Locust Pose
This reminded me of the Superman exercise from P90X. Pretty straight forward. Slightly challenging but didn't hurt.

Exercise #3: Pelvic Tilts
Being a PT, I'm very familiar with this exercise. They call it a pelvic tilt but really it's a pelvic tilt with bridging (the part of the exercise in which you lift your butt off the floor). I've always been a fan of this one.

Exercise #4: Legs Wide Pose
Mr. Boo said he likes watching me do this one :) I felt this one but it wasn't painful.

Exercise #5: Scissors
I've always liked this exercise as well but, for my post-partum body, it was more difficult. I really felt it in the lowest part of my core/abdomen (just like with the first exercise).

Overall, I enjoyed this workout but #1 and #5 might be ones to be cautious about if you are very weak in that area of your abdomen. You may want to wait a few more weeks for these two or just modify them.

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