Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby James: Week 3...I Can't Stand The Cuteness

I'm still referring to for fun weekly updates. This week they said "You are baby's world." Tear :*). Hearing that pretty much makes my day. I feel like I've been insanely blessed by this baby so far. He has been such a pleasure. He has some fussy moments but they are easily taken care of by changing a diaper, feeding, or holding. Yes, it's more challenging at night when I'm sleepy but I still love every moment once I get passed the fact that I'm half asleep!
James is either being fussy or pooping...can't remember which it is :) P.S. This is tired mommy.
This week, The Bump also mentions alertness and tummy time. James has been much more alert during the day so I get to enjoy my precious boy and interact with him. I guess I need to officially introduce tummy time. He gets on his tummy while laying on our chest but I'm not quite sure if that counts as his tummy time. He does a really good job of lifting his head up when he's on our chests so I think that is the point of tummy time :) (How many times can I say "tummy time" in one paragraph?! Geez.).
Chest time with Grandma Joan

Chest time with daddy
James had many adventures this week and I didn't have any freak out moments when taking him out and about. I wasn't even nervous driving alone with him in the car! We went to Meijer with daddy, met Erika, David and Rosie at Polaris (where we also saw Grandma Deb, Aunt Vicki, Wendy, Erin, and Jay!), met Grandma Deb at Tuttle, went to see daddy at work, and ran some Polaris errands with Grandpa Steve!
Speaking of Grandpa Steve, he was able to visit this week to meet James! He made this awesome video of my pregnancy bump photos and James' first days of life. It is so sweet and makes me cry every time!
(Sorry if the video doesn't work on here but I tried posting it)
James and Grandpa Steve
In addition to Grandpa Steve, Seann and Jenny came over on NYE and brought us taco casserole! YUMMY!
I think I mentioned in the last post that I was concerned with pumping. It has been much better this week and I think Mr. Boo's going to try feeding him his first bottle this weekend to see how he does! I think I also mentioned in the last post that Dr. D said he might start a fussy stage at night time. He had a couple of evenings that he was fussy but, after that, he was fine. He's continuing to sleep well enough at night that I'm getting decent sleep. It's still challenging to get up at night because I don't function well being half asleep but I'm adjusting!
New this week:
-James is noticeably's scary for mommy.
-I went on Craigslist to look at childcare options. I emailed 15 different people and have heard back from 5 of them so far. I plan to call them all back this weekend to set up interview times for next week. I connected with some more than others and can't wait to start the process so I can hopefully feel at ease about it by the time I return to work. It's going to be tough.
-I'm starting to introduce James to his crib (slowly cuz mommy's not ready to commit). I had him take a nap in it yesterday and he seemed to love it.
-James "watched" his first Buckeye football game...we all know how that ended :( None of his Buckeye stuff fits him at the moment so this is as close as I was able to get:

P.S. He loves his little bouncer/vibrating chair.
Because I know my family will love it, I'll leave you with a couple more pics:

Right now (literally, right now) we are listening to mommy's favorite John Mayer songs...gotta introduce him early :) I'm pretty sure he loves it.

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