Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Boo:23 Weeks

Thebump.com fun fact of the week: "She's more aware, too, and is listening to your voice and your heartbeat, as well as to loud sounds, such as cars honking and dogs barking. You may also feel your baby move when she hears something familiar."
I laughed when I read dogs barking...at least Baby Boo will be used to Izzie's loud bark when it comes out into the real world ;)
The Bradley Birth classes continue to be going well. After making our birth plans last week, we talked this week about unexpected situations that may arise. We learned how to make decisions that may sway from our original birth plan.
During the class, she asked us our biggest fear about labor and birth. Honestly, because of all the crap Mr. Boo and I have been getting from people about us attempting an unmedicated birth, my biggest fear is that I will have to use meds and that those people who doubt us will say "I told you so." I'm not scared that the pain will be so high that I need meds...I'm afraid that something in the process will go wrong that will require me to take meds to keep me and the baby safe. Our teacher encouraged us not to feel like "failures" if we have to sway from our plan. But that's REALLY hard when so many people doubt that you can do it.
On a positive note, I have been feeling Baby Boo a lot more this week. I even saw my belly move because he/she kicked so hard!
My parents finished Baby Boo's dresser! I can't wait to see it next month and figure out how to arrange it in the nursery! It looks so pretty :)
A also decided on a theme for my maternity shoot in October (you know me...I love themes!). Since it will be fall and I LOVE the fall season, we will go to Lynd's fruit farm to take some pics with the apple trees, pumpkins, etc.
Here's my 22 week photo from this past weekend:
Did I blow up all of a sudden or what?! Dang!
Also, the sweet Hip Hop instructor, Martha, was kind enough to send me some pics of me hip hopping with my bump (ignore the fact that I look weird...lol...just notice the bump):

Woo Pig Sooie!


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