Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Dog Jog and Heart Walk

I've been promising a Dog Jog sorry it took me a week! Last Sunday morning, Mr. Boo and I woke up  bright and early to take the girls to the CHA 2013 Dog Jog. The goal was to raise money for the humane society. As most of you know, my beagle, Angel, was adopted. So giving money to this is close to our hearts :)
After the dogs got over the initial shock of being around the other hundreds of dogs that they weren't allowed to play with, they took in all of the scents around the place.
After 45 minutes of sniffing, they were ready to start!
The event was a 5k. The four of us, a.k.a. The Davii, did a combo of walking and jogging. I was so proud of my boo and the girls! They were amazing! Around the end of each mile, they had a plastic pool full of ice...this was Izzie's dream come true!! Angel just wanted water...but Izzie took time to play in the ice and cool off. I'm sure she ate her fair share of ice cubes :)
After finishing, we were all pooped! We all came home for late morning naps.

Yesterday, I met my coworkers at Columbus Commons for the Heart Walk. It was also a 5k. I saw so many people from church, old coworkers, my hip hop fitness was awesome. I also developed new relationships with my new coworkers.
(from left: Me and Baby Boo, Andrea and her son Landon in the stroller, Tere and her son James)
There were a ton of other MacIntosh employees there but we were representing Amity Home Health. It was awesome to walk/run with Andrea. I learned a lot about pregnancy and about her! I might have even recruited her for hip hop fitness!

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