Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby Boo: 22 Weeks

The coolest thing Thebump.com mentioned about the baby this week is that it is starting to sleep in cycles...about 12-14 hours per day. I do feel movements occasionally but nothing consistent. Although, it seems as if it has been a little more active today...maybe that means I'll feel the "real" movements soon!
I'm getting closer to getting my "outie" and looking at my belly is still SO WEIRD! I'm interested to see what my weight is next week at the doctor!
Speaking of appointments, at next week's visit, I'm going to mention to Dr. P that Mr. Boo and I are starting a rough draft of our birth plan. I'm not planning to share all of the details with him yet (unless he asks) but simply want to let him know that we are discussing it and that the basics are that we want a drug-free experience. I would love prayers regarding this because drug-free births aren't the norm around here and I don't want to feel like I'm being annoying and complicated because of this request.
We had our 7th (of 12) birth class this week and it was all about making your birth plan. I have some things I want to research more but have an overall idea of what we want. We also did Mr. Boo's favorite activity this week...simulation of contractions! It's so hard to take this part seriously, though. Mr. Boo did such an amazing job!!! He was a good coach, timed the contractions perfectly, and knew when to tell me to relax and breathe properly. :) I have total confidence in him!
Here it is...my 21 week picture taken last week on Friday:
P.S. I survived a 2 hour Hip Hop Fitness session this week and only rested for 1 song (an hour and a half into it!)...Yes, I'm bragging a little :) We also did the Dog Jog this past Sunday with our girls (which I still need to post about! Oops!)

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