Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our Nashville Trip

Our trips to Nashville always seem like such a blur. It's awesome that we get to go but I always feel like we're in such a hurry to see people. We left Columbus mid afternoon on Friday to head to our favorite city! Two traffic jams and some crazy rain later, we arrived at our friends' house (Thanks Casey and Shana for letting us stay with you!!!). We were pooped from work and travel and decided not to go out that night. We ordered pizza from one of Jimmy's favorite places, Matteo's, and hung out with Casey and Shana.
The next morning, Mr. Boo made plans to play sand volleyball with some friends....but not before I was able to get a chicken biscuit from Jack in the Box (I used to be obsessed with them when I lived in Nashville). While he was playing volleyball, I read my labor book and enjoyed the view at Fellowship Bible Church:
This is also the same pond in which Mr. Boo proposed :)
After volleyball, we met some old church friends at Blue Coast Burrito! I've been wanting one of these burritos for an entire year. I can only eat so much Chipotle before I need the taste of Blue Coast! This was such an amazing time to catch up and reminisce about good times we had together.
A couple short hours later, Boo and I headed to Belmont to begin our 5 year PT school reunion.
The Belmont campus has changed SO MUCH! It was amazing. Our professor, Dr. Halle, took us on a tour of the new PT building as well as the cadaver lab. It brought back so many memories! Our spouses were probably bored but we didn't care...it was awesome for us. We then headed to Bound'ry for cocktail hour (which, obviously, I couldn't partake in). Mr. Boo and I had to leave around 715 to meet Casey and Shana but it was nice to catch up with everyone! I love those people!
From Bound'ry, we headed back to the Nolensville, TN area to meet the Bresnahans at Burger Republic. This place was awesome! Great shakes, great burgers, and, apparently, great beer! While eating, the four of us reminisced about how we all met. We realized that the four of us were at some of the same events before we actually knew each other/started dating!
As we were headed home today, I was both sad and excited. I love Nashville...it will always have a special place in my heart. Who knows...maybe Boo and I will retire there :) The good news is we are finally home with our pups!

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