Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Boo: 20 weeks

HALF WAY THERE!!! I can't believe I'm at 20 weeks! I have to admit, I'm starting to get annoyed by the fruit/food references on TheBump, but it's become a blog tradition and something to laugh at...especially this week:
From a mango to a banana?! Really?! Guess Baby Boo got really skinny in the matter of a week.
I'm still getting leg cramps this week but less frequently (probably because  I've been drinking WAY more water than before). I'm also getting shortness of breath during the day...I need to start making my patients count their own exercises so I can focus on breathing!
I've done two runs so far this week in addition to my other exercise. I was able to run 40 minutes this past Saturday and 25 minutes on Monday! I haven't been measuring my distance but feel as if I'm running at a pretty good pace.
Our birth class was pretty awesome this week. I felt like I learned so much! We talked about the 1st stage of labor...early and active stages. We began talking about how to practice and what my role/tasks are versus Mr. Boo's role/tasks. Tonight, she had our husbands simulate contractions so that we could practice abdominal breathing. It was pretty hilarious because, in order to simulate it, the men had to squeeze one of our arms as hard as they could (gradually of course) and climax the intensity at 30 seconds then slowly release. Mr. Boo was so scared that he was going to hurt was so cute...and sweet :) I know I still have a ton to learn but it was exciting to get a general idea of what I need to do to prepare myself for labor.
Here's the pic I took last Friday (at 19 weeks):
Yes, we were watching Married with Children :)

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