Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, August 17, 2013

There Will Be Doubters...

When you are trying to accomplish something that seems difficult and potentially impossible, there WILL be doubters. I know this...I'm sure, at some point, I've been some one's doubter. Since being pregnant, there have been two situations in which people have doubted my abilities: running/exercising and having a natural birth. I've never been pregnant so, of course, I don't know what do expect...I just deal with things as they come. BUT this does not mean that I'm going to give up and not prepare myself in the best way that I can.
The quote above isn't exactly how I would have written it. No one has actually said to me "You can't." The things that have been said, though, have motivated me to make things happen.
I wrote THIS post back in June about someone who doubted my abilities to run while pregnant. That person did motivate me...and, guess what? I'm still running and doing 5k's each month. MOTIVATION.
Most recently, Mr. Boo and I have become very excited about the opportunity to have a natural, drug-free child birth experience. We have been taking the Bradley courses and we're learning SO MUCH! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to pay for and participate in the class.
Here's what I know:
-every one's birth experience is unique and individual
-labor is painful...very painful at times
-pushing a baby out of your hoo-ha is difficult, painful, and it totally freaks me out to think about
-anything can happen and that I need to be willing to change whatever plan I have in my head at any moment
You know what else I know?
-millions and millions of women around the world deliver naturally and drug free and survive all at the same time
-I have THE LORD on my side...if he has put this on my heart, I can and will make it happen
-my husband will be at my side and, as a team, we can make this happen...when I can't think for myself, he will be my rock and my decision maker...it's called marriage
-this is not about thinking I'm better because I'm doing it this way...it's about having a healthy me and and healthy baby
So, to those people in my life who doubt me, even the ones closest to me that I love dearly...those who say "Just be ready for anything...you are going to want the drugs...I'd be interested to hear your story IF you are able to do it....you dont' have to justify why you are taking those birth classes...etc."...
I CAN do this. And, as my friends, you should love me and show me all kinds of support for the decisions my husband and I are making to have the healthiest baby possible. If I'm being completely honest, I'm scared...scared to death of the pain. But I know that, with the moral support of you guys, we will make this happen.

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