Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baby Boo: 24 weeks

As a form of stress relief, I'm going to write my weekly baby post :) I know that will make me smile.
I have a complaint about this fruit crap on Thebump.com. Last week, Baby Boo was a grapefruit...this week a cantaloupe. In my mind, a cantaloupe is WAY bigger than a grapefruit...BUT, if you notice the sizes they give for baby this week and last week, they are exactly the same! I feel cheated.
I don't think I mentioned my most recent OB-GYN appointment in my last post. Baby Boo still appears to be healthy. The heart rate is normal and it's kicking like it should be. (The PT in me wanted type "HR WNL"...I know you health field geeks will appreciate that). As some of you read on Facebook, they surprised me with an internal ultrasound (women like to be prepared for that kind of thing!). Dr. P. said he was checking to see if I'm at risk for pre-term labor...things were normal. My next visit, I have to do the glucose test. At that appointment, I weighed between 128-129 lbs...I gained about 4.5 lbs. since my last visit. Honestly, I'm going to dread seeing that scale over 130...I've never seen that before...I'll get over it!
My leg cramps are improving but I still get them occasionally. My doctor told me to start drinking juice each day to help with that (he knows I already drink a lot of water). My biggest complaint this week has been this pain I'm getting in my very lower abdomen...mostly on the right. After doing some research on my symptoms, I think it's round ligament pain. I was relieved to find out that it's a very normal pain rather than something serious in which I need to be concerned. The pain is tolerable but always catches me by surprise!
My friend, Lindsay, asked me if I had any clue or thoughts about what I might be having...boy vs girl, that is. She told me that she thought she was having a girl until she had a dream that she had a boy. She said she cried so hard about that! When the time came for the ultrasound, they found out it was a boy. Just a couple of nights after she told me that story, I had my first gender dream! I dreamt that it was a girl and her name was Kayla. lol. Although the thought of a girl excites me, I wouldn't care either way. I thought it was weird that her name was Kayla because that's not even on our girl name list...maybe it should be!
Here's my 23 week picture:
Things to look forward to in the near future:
-next Friday is my first birthday as a pregnant lady (I'm totally making this into a celebration because I want to :))...we are going to a corn maze with some friends!
-my first baby shower is the week after in WV with my parents' side of the family! My mom is following me back to Columbus that Sunday to deliver my dresser for the nursery! That means I can start thinking more about any decorating I may want to do for it :)
Birth class #9 is tonight...can't remember the topic but I'm sure I'll learn lots!

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