Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Birthday Celebration...31 YEARS OLD!!!

Thirty One is a weird number...I still feel young so that's what counts! As usual, I felt very loved on my birthday :) Thanks to everyone who called/texted/left messages on Facebook!
Thursday night, the night before my birthday, we met some of our life group friends at Benny's Pizza. Although the meeting wasn't specifically for my birthday, we did a little celebration while we were there. My friend, Becca, bought me some delicious donuts that I gladly pigged out on. Jimmy also presented me with my gift during dinner...
He handed me a gift bag. As I was taking out the tissue, I saw a Colts jersey in there. Of course I was excited...until I saw that it was an Andrew Luck jersey. He bought me an Andrew Luck jersey last year! What's going on?! He told me he bought it for himself as a symbol that he has committed to be a Colts fan with me. I would have been happy with that as my "gift" BUT...I know my husband...I knew something else was up. I just didn't know what.
He had to go to the bathroom and handed me our "eating out" envelope to pay for our meal. I had the feeling that something besides our eating out money was in that envelope. I opened it up to get the money and found this:

Tickets to the Colts/Broncos game in October!!! This is definitely a bucket list item and I don't want to know how much he paid for these! I'm just glad it's something that he'll enjoy as well...and it's a last hurrah before the baby comes! YAY!!!
In addition to this gift, I was given this journal from Amy, Chris, Molly, and Cooper (my in-laws, niece, and nephew):
This journal cracks me up because it has random things written in it like: "Breakfast for dinner...Awesome!" and "Celebrating your pet's birthday even though they have no idea what's going on." I can't wait to read the different awesome things as the days go by!
Both sets of Mr. Boo's parents gave me birthday money...it's hard for me to comprehend that I'm 31 and still get birthday money! LOL. Here's what I used the money for:
I bought some pregnancy clothes. I don't say maternity because I didn't get them from the maternity section :) I bought these maxi skirts (gray, pink, and green). I have never owned a maxi skirt because, for some reason, I felt like they were for pregnant women and moms! I definitely feel like a mom now that I have them.
And, of course, my awesome sisters, mom, step dad and sis, Katelyn, sent me cards :) I also have a Target gift card to spend from them! More maxi skirts?! I kid, I kid.
Thanks everyone for a wonderful birthday!

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