Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, October 30, 2016

BMB: Week 6 and Ruthie Randoms

Building My Base

Flashback to the OSU 4 miler on Sunday. This was as we were finishing. [Tamara K., Meg, ME, Katie, half of Jen]

Post race. [Tamara K., Meg, ME, Katie, Jen]

This is the last week of BMB. I officially start half marathon/marathon training on Monday!! There is no turning back. I have registered and committed to these races so I must follow through with training. EEEK!

The word "consistency" was on my mind a lot this week.
This week has been pretty awesome because I've had a lot of free time (P.S. Still no word about when I'll get to return to work after the car accident). I haven't had to wake up for any 5 a.m. runs, AND I've had the chance to catch up with long lost friends.
  • 10/24: REST. After tweaking my foot on Saturday, I knew I needed to give my body a day of rest. I was still having some throbbing in my foot but it wasn't as intense. I took James to the zoo, so I did a lot of walking, but I rested from running.
    jd3 showing off his WPS pride!
  • 10/25: 6.21 miles, 9:00/mile; 30 minutes leg/core stability workout. I FINALLY got a run with Jackie. Just like the old days before we met our other amazing runner friends. We really had no agenda so we just ran. Aren't those the best runs?! After our run, she introduced me to this delicious coffee shop in Hilliard. YUMMY!!!
  • 10/26: 4 miles, 9:13/mile. I met Amanda at The Y for a little treadmill action. It was really the perfect day for it because it was raining most of the day and sometimes you just aren't in the mood for cold and rainy. I kept it short and easy to make sure I didn't aggravate my foot.
    Amanda is so fast she's blurry!!
  • 10/27: 7.3 miles, 8:51/mile; 15 minutes core/hip workout. Jackie: "Lisa, I need help keeping our pace in the 9s. I'm horrible with pacing." Me: "I got you, girl. I'll pay attention to my watch and make sure I never see an 8 in front." Rrrrright. That lasted two miles before we forgot our agenda. Oops.
    Trying to cover Jackie's ASSets. I done good.
  • 10/28: REST. I already had runs secured for the next three days including Highbanks and a long run with Marion and Jackie. I knew I would need a rest day before conquering those two things. Trying to play it smart with this post baby body! I decided to take my mind off of running by volunteering for packet pickup at Front Runner. Ha!!
  • 10/29: 6.21 miles, 9:58/mile. We took it to the mean streets...I mean, trails...of Highbanks. If I'm going to conquer this half marathon in a few weeks, I need to get myself used to hills again. What used to seem so natural, now is SO CHALLENGING!! Highbanks is so beautiful right now. I was excited that I could find a couple of crazies to come along with me.
    Love this place! P.S. That guy in red was going SO FAST on these hills. It was way too intense. [Kelli, Noemi, ME]
  • 10/30: 10.10 miles, 8:53/mile. Hills (and too much wine the night before). OMG. Something that I used to conquer without thought has become one of my biggest challenges (HMM...sounds like a repeat of what I said yesterday!). Between my injury this year and having a baby, I didn't run hills for a long time. They feel so hard to me right now, but I refuse to quit until they become my thang again! I'm not one to back down from a running challenge!! My half marathon in December was described as "moderately hilly." That could mean anything! I'm going to assume the worst and hit those hills hard the next month.
    So incredibly hot. October 30th and running in a sports bra! [Marion, Jackie, ME]

-Ruthie smiles ALL THE TIME! I love it.
Fun at Ms. Jane's (outfit from Aunt Amanda).
-She continues to be OBSESSED with her "jungle gym."
-My girl is larger and stronger than James ever thought about being! She might be the first female linebacker in the NFL.
Future Razorback (hat made by Aunt Amy when I had James).
-She loves to bounce.
Say whaaaat?! (top from Aunt Marion)

-She has started sucking on her hand and it's the cutest thing.
Just a bonus pic of jd3.

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