Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, October 16, 2016

BMB: Week 4

Building My Base
My Week.

 This week, I attempted to add to my long run and even did it times two! I'm trying to keep my weekly mileage over 30 so that my body can slowly get used to training. I would like to climb safely to my usual 45-60 that I run during marathon training. I will likely dial it back a bit this cycle. I just don't want to injure myself after all that I've been through this year. I also decided I would allow myself one run per week that pushes me a bit. All other miles are to be easy to super easy. I still have 4 1/2 months until I run the Little Rock Marathon so I'm in no hurry to get crazy!!
  • 10/10: REST. Although I felt good the day after my 5k, resting seemed like the right thing to do. I needed the sleep and work was crazy.
    Flowers from my love. Just because.

  • 10/11: 10 miles, 8:52/mile. I did another early week long run. After my work meeting, I headed out to the streets of Hilliard. Hard core. It was a nice, cool day. PERFECT for running. I had no goal for my pace. I just wanted it to feel comfortable. My first 5 miles were easy, ranging from 9:04 to 9:24. After the first half, I was FINALLY feeling warmed up. I unintentionally sped up...I assumed I would just stay in that low 9 range since it seemed to be working out for me. When my watch beeped at mile 6, I noticed it read 8:48. The mile felt very comfortable so I was surprised to see that pace. Mile 7 beeped...8:38. Mile 8...8:25. Hmm. I had something going there. Unintentional negative splits. With only 2 miles to go, I couldn't stop there! The next mile was 8:19. I still felt good but didn't think I could run faster than 8:19 for the final mile because it went up a very slight incline. The runner in me wasn't going to let one mile screw me up. I clocked that mile at 8:12! I'll admit, it wasn't as easy as the other 9 miles. I was so happy with this run and super encouraged by it.
    A nice, cool run in Hilliard.
  • 10/12: 5 miles, 9:46/mile. With my successful long run behind me, I knew I could take it easy the rest of the week. I was a little tired from the day before so this pace was perfect for me. I met up with the girls in New Albany and helped a couple of them with a faster run. I LOVE the joy on peoples' faces when they have a good run!!
    New Albany Street Runners!
  • 10/13: 3.02 miles, 9:25/mile. It was time for our monthly donut run. Most of the group is in taper week for the Columbus marathon so there were a lot of short runs. I had been up since 2:45 a.m. (baby stuff) so I was ok with only 3 miles! Side story: We were running on the road (against traffic) because the sidewalks suck ass and are pretty dark and uneven. We had our nighttime gear on and cars were doing a great job of going around us. All of a sudden, this vehicle is speeding down the road and we all had to jump over the curb to the grass. The vehicle swerved at the last minute and immediately turned around....IT WAS A COP! He turned on his lights and parked in the middle lane. We kept running (while cursing about his jackassery). I think I might have gone crazy if he scolded us. I guarantee you his ass wasn't paying attention and he saw us at the last minute and had to swerve. If he wasn't distracted and simply did it on purpose, then he's a jerk face. I hope he realized he was in the wrong and that's why he didn't say anything to us.
    Anyone else want a donut RIGHT NOW?
  • 10/14: 5.17 miles, 9:13/mile. Running partners are usually hard to come by during marathon taper week. I usually can't do the late time of 5:30 a.m., but was able to work it out today! I met up with Lynn and Marcie for a quick 5 miler. First time in tights for the year...a crisp 41 degrees!
    Tights and Jacket season....for one day.
  • 10/15:10.01 miles, 9:50/mile. I was pretty tired this morning. I was going on my fifth day in a row of running, fourth day to get up for a 5 or 5:30 a.m. run (two of those were extra early due to mommy problems), and my second 10 miler of the week. I didn't feel tired until halfway through the run. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm so glad I had Lynsey to keep me going! She wanted 7 miles so I just parked a little over a mile away from our meeting spot. I knew I'd be tempted to quit at 7 if I didn't. Not sure why I wanted 10 miles, but that's what I had in my head. I was happy to finish and even happier to eat my donut.
    Glad to be finished.

  • 10/16: REST! Spectated the Columbus Marathon with Christine. So exciting to see my friends run by in the 21st mile. Their strength and perseverance are so motivating. I wanted to go home and run my own marathon!
    I made a comment that I wasn't stressed because I was spectating. LIES! Spectating friends when they have specific goals is STRESSFUL!!
Happy Fall Running!!!

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