Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, October 9, 2016

BMB: Week 3

Building My Base
Columbus, OH on a beautiful fall day.

This was by far my highest mileage week since my accident in March. I was averaging 40-42 miles per week at that time and ran just over 36 miles this week! I had no ankle pain this week and very minimal knee achiness. The worst I felt this week was the day after I did my fartlek workout. I was SO TIGHT!! I'm super excited about how I'm progressing but still taking a cautious approach to getting back in shape.
  • 10/3: 6 miles, 9:22/mile. I wanted an easy run and so did these ladies! One of them had been sick and the other two rockstars ran 18 miles the day before! It was a nice crisp morning that actually felt like fall!
    [Noemi, Tamara, ME, Meg]
  • 10/4: 9.02 stroller miles, 9:46/mile. I was supposed to wake up and run with my friend, Ellen, for her tempo run...didn't happen. I was going on two rough nights of sleep in a row and couldn't muster up the will to get out there. Even though I was pissed about not sucking it up and going early, it did allow me to get my long run out of the way. I had to push a stroller to do it, but it was such a beautiful day that I didn't mind the extra effort! I wanted to keep it easy, so I decided to try and keep it around 10 minute miles. My splits kept reading sub 10, so I just went with it. I had one mile that was 10:01 in which I had a couple of difficult hills, but I was still very happy with the result.
    Gorgeous day in my neck of the woods.
  • 10/5: REST.
  • 10/6: 5.62 miles, 8:56/mile. I was considering waking up early to meet up with the track group, but the thought of doing 1200s made me want to yack. I knew I had a short day at work, so I decided to run somewhere between 5 and 6 miles and include fartleks. I did a 2 mile warm up before starting any fast stuff. It was pretty tough. I got as fast as 7:15 pace but never ran that pace more than 0.30 miles. Trying to run faster and doing it in the sun was not a good combo. I'm happy with the run nonetheless.
    Unusually hot day in Columbus...might be why I wanted to barf. LOL.
  • 10/7: 8.01 miles, 9:39/mile. I met my friend, Leeann, to help her with her tempo run. No one should have to do those workouts alone! I'm so excited she is prepping for her first marathon!!
    Keepin' it real: I took the absolute worst selfie after this run. I tried to fix it by making it black and white...didn't work. I couldn't waste this pic because she did awesome. [ME, Leeann]
  • 10/8: 3.11 miles, 9:38/mile. I had good intentions to rest today since I had a 5k to look forward to (sarcasm). I was SO tight after the past two workouts, I felt like I needed a short easy run and some stretching in order to make my body feel better. Jennifer and I ran the 5k loop while I was trying to peer pressure her into training for a half. Hehehe.
    Easy run, fun calories. [tall vanilla latte]

    Look at that HUGE Saturday group!

  • 10/9: 4.57 total miles; 1.5 warm up miles and 3.07 race miles. Ortho One Spirit Sprint 5k race report to come!
    Me and my boy.
No Ruthie Randoms this week because I'll eventually write a post about her life as a 2 month old! It was exciting following my friends that raced in Chicago this weekend, and I can't wait to spectate the Columbus Marathon this coming weekend. LOVE THAT RACE!

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