Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Mileage and Some Exciting News!!

Get Your Rear in Gear 5k with Amanda

July was a great running month. After a slow May and an even slower June, I was ready to pick up the mileage a bit. Full marathon training officially started on July 6th and my 4th week of training has almost come to an end! I've had two races this month (a 10k and a 5k) but I tried not to decrease my mileage too much for those. 
Hilliard Freedom Run 10k with Jackie (a.k.a. Yacky)

For this round of training, I've decided to recruit friends for those tough runs. Pain is always better when someone else is in pain with you, right?! So far, so good in that department. I've also been enjoying the hills. I've been to Highbanks two more times this month in addition to checking out some hills in Dublin and Lewis Center (a.k.a. LC). If you want the inside scoop on the LC hills, talk to Amanda! 
Post Sunday hilly run in LC

So, my July stats look like this:

181.77 miles running, 3 hours 25 minutes of Hip Hop Fitness

I've enjoyed my return to Hip Hop. I just wish I could fit it in more easily. 


As for my exciting news, I mentioned in a previous post that I became obsessed with potentially doing a trail race after my first run at Highbanks. In true Lisa fashion, when I have a running idea in my head, it can't wait until next year. I immediately started asking my experienced friends about trail running. I researched races in Ohio, near my family, etc. I knew I didn't want anything too long, just something to get a feel of what trail racing is like.

We look so happy after running the mighty Highbanks.

In my research, I stumbled across the Hocking Hills Indian Run. What attracted me the most was the low price...only $25! That covered any distance from 5k to 60k!! To make a long story short, all it took was me mentioning this race to my friends, one of those friends signing up for the 60k and that friend asking me to pace her for part of it (the only problem is that this friend is 3,000 times faster than me!). A few words of encouragement peer pressure later, I registered for the 20k (all while said friend was peer pressuring me into the 40k). HA! I'll decide as the time approaches if I'm stupid enough to do that.


I'm really excited about August bringing me some increased mileage and more challenges during my long runs. I think my only race this month is Emerald City Half, which is a new race for me. Happy running, everyone!

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