Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Highs and Lows- Week 7

I kept repeating this on Wednesday...except mine would say " as fast as you need."

My first thought when I typed the title was "I'm not even halfway through training!!" ELEVEN WEEKS TO GO! It seems like forever but will fly by, I'm sure. It's a good thing I still have 11 weeks because I haven't run my first 20 miler yet. It feels so weird when your training partners are running different races during different weeks because your training schedules aren't the same.
This week's highs and lows will be a little different. Since I'm running the Emerald City Half on Sunday, I'll do a separate race report for it rather than include it here.

Just a fun throwback to a year ago when my stomach was starting to get over it's flabbiness and I still had that cute dark line down my belly. Post stroller run with James!
It's no secret that Lisa's an emotional mess lately. And, yes, it translates into my running sometimes. This week, I needed a break from waking up early. I've been more sleep deprived than usual and it caught up to me. None of my weekday workouts were as intended but that's life sometimes! Here are this weeks highs and lows:
  • Despite having some sad life moments this week, I have no running lows! I'm a huge planner and didn't follow my program as scheduled this week. I was supposed to run 6 miles, 8 miles, and do some 800s one day. I ended up with the mileage stated but did not follow intended paces. I see this as adjusting to life rather than being one of my lows.
  • Monday run. My basic formula is: run five days, Hip Hop one day, completely rest one day (sometimes I completely rest two days because I can't fit Hip Hop in my life schedule). Monday is usually a rest day but lately I've been needing it as a recovery run day. This week, I joined a few girls in Westerville for an easy 6 miler. This week was so awesome because we did the "Theresa Challenge." [see bottom of post for official definition] Amanda and I went into this run telling our friend, Sarah, that she was in charge of setting the pace. She told us she was thinking 9:30ish. After the first mile, 9:30 was non-existent! Sarah approached closer and closer to 9 min/mile. As we got closer to the last mile, I brought up the Theresa challenge. There were some giggles, some opposition, etc. Then I saw Amanda go from behind Sarah to beside Sarah. I knew in my head what was happening but kept my mouth shut...Amanda was initiating the challenge!! A few of us stayed with her and our group had a final mile of 8:45! It was really cool to see the excitement of a strong finish!!! This was definitely the highlight of my week.
  • After taking off Tuesday, I was supposed to meet my regular Wednesday crew for 8 miles. I was SO TIRED as mentioned above. I couldn't will myself to wake up and run. I think I went to bed at 9pm the night before (probably didn't fall asleep until 10 but I never go to bed that early), woke up at 4 am and decided I needed to keep sleeping. I know this sounds like a low but it's not. I ended up running that evening. While the hubs and baby were at a church event, I decided to stay back and run. Although I had an agenda for the morning, I had no agenda for the evening. I decided I would just run! I brought my Garmin but only looked at my mile splits. My first mile was 8:13 and felt easy so I thought I'd keep running at that "feel" and see what happens. I continued to feel good and noticed my splits through mile 4 were 7:53, 7:56, and 7:53. In the mind of a runner, when that happens, you don't stop there. I was already half way through and knew I had to keep going. At that point, it still felt easy but I knew I had 4 miles to go. Mile 5, 7:46. What?! It wasn't until then that easy creeped closer to moderate...but I couldn't give up now! Mile 6, 7:44. HOLY CRAP. At this time, it was a moderate effort. I had a decision to make. Tell myself I only have two miles and I can do anything for 2 miles...or do a cool down. Something happened in that moment that made the decision for me. As I started my 7th mile, I passed by the Gahanna middle school track. Some cutie was jumping and yelling out "LISA!!!!" I looked over and saw none other than...FELICIA! That's all the motivation I needed to finish strong. I finished my last two miles in 7:43 and 7:28 averaging 7:50 for my 8 miles. That is the best I've done so far for a race pace run! Nothing like a good run to chase the blues away.
  • 10k Thursday. I did a recovery run the day following my "No Agenda Run." So many good things about this. 1) It was a midday run which I LOVE! I was finished with work by 2:30ish so I was able to get in a run before picking up James. 2) I decided to practice pacing and was successful for 4 miles. I ran the first mile at an easy effort and decided I would try to keep the following miles within 5 seconds and without looking at my watch. I was actually impressed by my pacing effort (8:59, 9:03, 9:00, 9:02). At that point, I was having some major crampage and just wanted to finish. My last two miles were easy but much faster than the pace I was practicing (8:42, 8:40). 3) I realized the progress I've made in the past year. I posted on IG that, last year in June, I ran a 10k at my hardest effort with an average of 9:06 min/mile. This run was an easy recovery that I averaged 8:53! My hope was to instill some confidence in those that seem to be struggling or doubting themselves.
    Thursday was freaking gorgeous outside. I had to get a pic with the clouds.
  • The Heart Walk. I've participated in this the past three years with the company I work for (The MacIntosh Company). This year, I stroller ran with Baby Boo. I know it's a "walk" but you know I'm not about that life! ;) I tried to get close to the front but it's impossible at this event. Even with a walking start, James and I had a respectable time for an easy run! The course was hillier than expected so I won't miss out on my hilly run this week. Side note: I'm not gonna lie, it's a pretty awesome feeling to pass other runners when you're pushing a stroller! LOL!!! I know I have no idea if they are even trying but I don't care. It was enough motivation to get up those hills today!
    The Hear Walk. I have no idea what I'm doing with my hand.

THERESA CHALLENGE: When you are on a run and someone challenges you to run the last mile at what seems to be an unlikely pace. Example: Several weeks ago, we were on a 13 mile long run. Theresa said "We are going to run this last mile in 8:10 or less." Then you think "What the whaaaat?!" and run a 7:45 mile.


What's next? I run Emerald City Half tomorrow as a training run. If all goes as planned, I should finish around 1:48. I'm going to practice my marathon pace tomorrow. I can't wait to see all of my friends out there!
I'm not sure why, but I have this thing about wearing my race shirt to the actual race. I just don't do it. This is my first Emerald City race so I'm pretty excited about this cute blue shirt!

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