Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Highs and Lows- Week 6

I've been quiet about my life issues the past week. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I'VE CUT THE DANG DRAMA OUT! Three+ weeks after blocking some peeps and 1+ weeks after removing myself from a certain Facebook group, I am FINALLY feeling some mental relief! I should probably stop here with this topic because, as soon as I feel some relief, some kind of drama seems to pop up!

Sun! Dani said she felt like a vampire coming out of the woods of Highbanks into the bright, rising sun!
Last week, I left you with a funky week of not being overly excited about running. I told you about a pain that made me fearful of potential injury. I haven't felt that pain since Saturday. As a precaution, I took the first half of my training week fairly easy. I had hill repeats scheduled for my first workout but decided to run the miles without the hill repeats. After a rest day and two easy runs, I felt ready for my race pace run on Thursday. My spirit took a 180 this week...well, maybe more like 140. I was happier and less stressed. Here are this weeks highs and lows:
  • As mentioned above, no hill repeats. I like those workouts so, in a selfish way, I feel I missed out. On the other hand, I don't feel guilty at all for skipping it because it was a wise decision just in case I was injured.
  • General fatigue. Even though my first two runs of the week were easy, I still felt some left over fatigue from the week before. I guess I'll take fatigue over pain any day.
  • My aching coccyx (pronounced "kok-siks but I prefer "kok-icks"). I think it's an over 30 thing. I had no trauma to it which is shocking because I'm always trying to fall and hurt myself. My best guess is that it was irritated when I tried lifting a 32 count water bottle thing onto the high shelf at the self checkout.
     I think that shelf above the plastic bags is what did it :(
    I'm usually very aware of my lifting technique (it's a PT thing), but I goofed up this time. Fortunately, running does not increase the pain but it hurts to go from sitting to standing and when adjusting my position while sleeping or resting.
A little anatomy for you.
  • Poor sleeping. I was going to say lack of sleep but that's my situation every week. This week, it was so bad that I nearly fell asleep at the wheel two different days at work. Those were probably the same two days I had afternoon coffee. Not sure what my deal was this week but I was feeling worn down in that department.
Your daily dose of truth.

  • Another successful race pace run. The fear will never cease. I will always, no matter what, get nervous about these training runs. This week, my task was to run 7 miles at my race pace....7 MILES! I was fortunate enough to be joined by Jackie and Meggie this week. The total run was 9.2 miles and 8:10 average pace with the fast miles being 8:08, 7:56, 7:46, 7:49, 7:56, 7:57, 7:44. There were some unexpected inclines but we powered through!
  • Long Run. We had a group of 6 for this one and ran in Dublin (Dublin=rolling hills). We missed most of the crazy hills. That might have been strategic on Theresa's end ;). Highlights include, but not limited to: Marion jumping towards me out of fear of the dark unknown, running through the "Tunnel of the Dementors," no skunk appearances, three deer, and hugs.

Me, Caty, and Dani.
  • Highbanks. It's no secret...I love this place. It was extra challenging today but I thinks it's because of my coccyx (which felt MUCH better this morning) and the fact that I was trying out some trail shoes that I borrowed from Meggie. The shoes seemed to work well for me but they're heavier than my other shoes. I'm thinking I might have to eventually buy a pair and use them regularly to get used to it.
    Meggie's shoes. Trail shoes are definitely different.


    What's next? Emerald City Half Marathon in one week!! This will be my first time to do this race. Although I am not "racing" it, I'm still planning a tough workout. It is a 16 mile day for me. My plan is to try the following: 3 mile pre-race warm up, 5 x 2 mile repeats with 0.75 mile recovery. Repeats will be run, hopefully, at 8 min/mile. I think that by going into this race knowing it's a training run, I will be able to accomplish my goal. It will still give a respectable sub 1:50 half depending on the recovery pace (which I'm hoping to keep around 9-9:15 min/mile). If this plan sounds appealing to you, let me know! I would love to run with you!

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