Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lisa's 2012- Part 2 (weddings and mini-vacas)

I dedicate this post to weddings and mini vacations (so, lots of pics to share). Technically, Jimmy and I didn't take a "big trip" in 2012. We did our regular Sandals vaca in December 2011 and we are leaving for our next trip in just 5 days!!! Anyway, we still managed to get out of Ohio this are some of my adventures:
Life on the farm in Nebraska (where my sisters live)
My sister, Ashley, with her daughter, Rylee, and our nephew, Drew (he was my best friend on this trip)
My sister, Shawna, and two of her sons, Drew and Quinten
WV (where my parents live) and DC (very close to where my parents live)- May
Posing in DC with my sister, Katelyn...we walked A LOT that day!
Me and my boo at the race I ran in WV (put on by my parents' church)
Chicago- August (we took a trip with our friends Dan and Becca)

The amazing city at night...what an awesome place to visit. Many adventures occurred in our short 2 1/2 days ;)
Indianapolis, Colts/Dolphins game- November

Thanks for the best birthday present EVER, Jimmy!
Last, but not least, WEDDINGS! I think we went to three this year (so sorry if I've forgotten one):
 The Hatt Wedding-February. The most fun wedding I've ever been to!
 Erika's Wedding-May. Loved the theme...Kentucky Derby!
The Denton Wedding-November. The wedding I was the most excited about!
That's all for this post! My final 2012 post will include my local adventures of the year :)

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  1. Yay for 3 weddings this year. This is so great and Im so glad you did it :-)