Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jamaica Day 3: Adventure Day

First thought as I wake up: “Drank way too much the night before.” That’s how it goes here in Jamaica, mon. No regrets cuz I did nothing stupid! Got up, took some Ibuprofen, ate breakfast, and I was a new woman…ready to conquer our day.
(view of our patio from our room-it looked out to the ocean)
We left in the morning for our ziplining and tubing adventure. That was our Christmas gift to each other. It was amazing. The ziplining was so much fun and not as scary as I thought it would be. I was brave and volunteered to be the first person in our group to go J Jimmy did a great job! I thought he would be more scared but he was a big boy. We followed that up with a relaxing tubing adventure down a river. The tour guides were awesome and taught us a lot about Jamaica. They determined that we are now “gangstas for life” since we finished the ziplining alive. (Ziplining and tubing pics are on the waterproof disposable cameras that I haven't developed yet)
 I am typing this just about 1 short hour after our return from the adventure. As I’m here typing, Jimmy’s taking a little nap and I’m doing my bad habit of biting my fingernails. As I was doing this, my tooth chipped! It still looks normal from the front because the back of the tooth is what chipped. I can’t wait to tell Jimmy when he wakes up! I hope the rest of my tooth doesn’t chip and I hope I can get into the dentist ASAP, y’all!
 Tonight we attended the “Returning Guests Dinner.” They had some pretty good food that I will probably never eat again cuz it’s just not my thang (steak and lobster).
I couldn’t stop thinking about my tooth the entire time. At the dinner, they gave us a gift in the form of Appleton Jamaican Rum. We now have the challenge of figuring out how we will get it to Ohio (we didn’t check any bags).
(P.S. This never made it back with us :()
We went to another resort after dinner to see a steel pan band. The performance included some amazing dancers.
They even had Michael Jackson!
Jimmy and I, along with 4 other couples, were called to the stage to show off some of the dancers’ Caribbean dance moves. I’m sure it was an interesting sight! We returned to our room a little earlier than usual, watched Conan, and went good night.

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