Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jamaica Day 1: I’m so excited! I’m so…

…scared (think: Saved By The Bell)! Why am I excited? Because we made it to Jamaica, mon. Why am I scared? Because I almost fell asleep on the shuttle from one of the resorts to the resort where we currently reside. (More questions to come)…Why did I almost fall asleep? One too many Rum Punches!
Jimmy and I were overly excited when we arrived to the resort. The guy who checked us in asked if we would like a drink. “NO” was the wrong answer…so we ordered rum punch (a must have Jamaican drink).

 While waiting on our room to be ready, we ordered some Jerk Chicken (another Jamaican classic).  The 1st rum punch was so amazing that I ordered another. We then changed into our bathing suits and headed to another resort to check it out. Jimmy and I decided it was appropriate to order a “Bob Marley.” That ended up being a shot! YIKES (we took it anyway, of course.)! The bartender, who was very convincing, decided it was a good idea to force us into getting another bev. I wasn’t in the mood to argue with him so I ordered something. All of this was just in time for a game of pool against my boo.

I really don’t remember the game…but I know we had fun! We then headed back to our resort in time for dinner.
After my pork chop and mashed potatoes dinner, we thought we were going to a disco party at another resort but they must have had that the night before…so we just explored and went for a late night snack at Criketer’s Bar where they had some karaoke action. After returning to our room, we had no problem falling asleep that night.

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