Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jamaica Day 4: Just Chillin'

FINALLY…the day I’ve been waiting for (relaxation day). Jimmy is finally worn out and has seen all that he wants to see at the resorts. Now we can sit back, enjoy it’s beauty, and just relax! After three vacations, I have figured out that Jimmy is in A.D.D. mode the first 2-3 days because he wants to see/do everything. Once he accomplishes this, he is a little more chill.
This is as good as I'll ever look in the morning :)
The Breakfast Buffet 
 After our buffet breakfast, we spent the morning and early afternoon on the beach.
Jimmy played some volleyball and I read my book while sippin’ on a mimosa.

 It was awesome. Three mimosas and a game of pool later, we decided to go to the private island on the other resort. We returned to the nude beach (with our clothes on) to experience the awesome water on that side. Then it was nap time J
That night, we ate at The Oleander where I had some delicious stuffed chicken and Jimmy tried the lobster. We finished in time to see a couples game show thing…it was hilarious! It was really just a way to get the husbands to do embarrassing things in front of everyone. When that was over, we watched some Jamaican dancers and witnessed some crazy karaoke. Awesome day.


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