Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Monday, January 14, 2013

Jamaica Day 2: Our Surprise Discovery ;)

We slept in so late this day that we caught the tail-end of breakfast. Our main goal for the day (besides having crazy fun) was to check out the private island off of one of the resorts (P.S. Sandals Montego Bay has “stay at one, play at three” in which you have access to all three of their resorts…in case you were confused about us going from one resort to the other). The resort takes you a very short distance by boat to their private island.

We spent time talking to Diana the parrot, sippin’ bevs and eating food, chillin’ in the pool,

 and just laying out. As we were exploring the island a bit, we realized they had a small section designated as a nude beach! YIKES! This was my first experience at a nude beach and it was sort of awkward. Unfortunately, the best beach on the island was the nude beach (best water area, less wind, etc.). So Jimmy and I tried our best not to stare at all of the B’s and B’s (butts and boobs, in case you didn’t know)…oh yeah, and the P’s (you can figure that one out…so weird)!

After returning to the main part of the resort we decided to do paddle boarding (pics of this are on our water proof cameras which I haven't taken to the store yet). It wasn’t the experience I wanted it to be…mainly because of the wind. It was blowing SO HARD that day and it took us really far out. It took every bit of strength and energy in this tiny body to get me back to the beach. Paddle boarding is NOT easy in those conditions. I was so sore afterwards!
 We decided to attend the beach party for dinner that night where they had a buffet with yummy food and delicious desserts.

They had live reggae music and other entertainment. When the party started getting lame, we went to a different resort where they had a white party.

We ended up sitting in Cricketer’s Bar to watch the National Championship game and had such a blast with the other 8 or so people at the bar. Let’s just say Lil Jon was in my head saying “Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots…”
We headed back to the previous resort, yet again, for a big dance party to end the night. I found out that the choreography to the “Wobble” song from hip hop fitness is global. The entertainment team started the dance so I had to join in! We had so much fun this day and, again, had no trouble falling asleep J

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  1. *jealous* of this warm weather but it looks like a FAB trip. glad you got away and saw the nudist ahahaha!