Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jacked Up Routine = Jacked Up Lisa

I LOVE having a routine. I THRIVE on routine. Although I enjoy the times we travel out of town for a few days, these times ALWAYS mess up my routine! BLAH! I feel so messed up this week...especially with my workouts.
 I missed my workout on Friday for travel. I thought about making up for it Saturday but we ended up having a jam-packed day of events. Then, we traveled back Sunday. Monday rolls around and work was insane. By the time I finished work, made dinner, and cleaned our gross house, it was almost time for Hip Hop. I typically go to the gym for some weight lifting before hip hop but it just couldn't happen yesterday.
I thought, ok, I'll do two workouts on Tuesday to make up for it. Didn't happen. Why, you ask? Work. It was insane again! What is going on?! We did our weekly agility class with Izzie and Angel tonight at 6 pm and I went to the gym afterwards. I was so stinkin' tired and hungry that I had energy for only one of the two workouts I planned on doing. This is so annoying (sorry for those who are listening to me rant and rave).
I'm praying so hard that work is less insane the rest of the week and that my mind can get some rest. In times like this, my head feels bloated! It's so weird. I'm also praying that I can catch up on my workouts because those make me feel physically better and help with my stress.

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