Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, November 10, 2012


...that pretty much describes this week. I know stupid stuff happened this week but I can't remember most of it because the awesomeness outweighs the un-awesomeness. Ok, I'm finished with that word :)
Can we say, "GO COLTS!" Sunday, Jimmy took me to Indy so we could use the tickets he bought me for my birthday. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! I might have convinced him to go to one game each season :)

Monday, I made my official return to Hip Hop Fitness. I went the week before but felt crappy so I won't count that week. This week, I was all in and danced harder than ever! My LSWW went well and I pumped some crazy iron. I hate the deadlift a little less this week. I also ran for the first time since my marathon and it felt amazing! I changed things up a bit this morning and went to a spin class at the Y. Overall, great workout week.
We can't forget election day. I was proud of myself for voting (and for coordinating red, white, and blue into my outfit for the day):
Thursday, I did a presentation about fall risk at a senior apartment complex and followed that up with attending a health fair at another senior living place. What did I get out of it? Two more referrals for work which should put me up to my goal for # of visits per week! Holla!
Finally, today, I continued the quest of domesticating myself by:
1.Getting all of my Christmas stuff out of the basement and putting it out. This is not because I am a weirdo and doing it the first week of November...but I realized that I do not have a lot of free time the next few weeks. If I didn't do it today, it wouldn't get done (like last year).
2. Holding a baby in attempt to make it stop crying. I was at my sister-in-law's baby shower and her friend's baby was upset. I offered to hold it (GASP!) and did what I could to get her to be more calm. I was scared :-/
3. Cooking a meal from scratch. I made this recipe I repinned from Pinterest. Pan-Roasted Chicken With Lemon-Garlic Green Beans and Potatoes.



  1. That dinner looks DELICIOUS! I'm ready for hip-hop this week :-)

    (Really appreciated Jimmy's story in church; you rock!)

    1. The dinner was pretty good but not a 10...I would probably eat it again! Jimmy is sick so I'll be solo at Hip Hop...guess I'll shake it extra hard for him!