Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get Your Sweat On...

My friend, Delaine, pinned this workout on Pinterest. It caught my attention so I tried it out today...well, sort of. I did only three cycles instead of five. It's been 2 months since my marathon and I haven't done any running!
1 minute at 5.0
1 minute at 5.5
1 minute at 6.0
1 minute at 6.5
1 minute at 7.0
1 minute at 7.5
1 minute at 8.0
2 minutes at 4.5
Repeat five times.
I must admit, I was pretty nervous when I read 7.5...8.0. In my marathon training, 6.9 mph was the fastest I ever had to run (except for the occasional 400 meter sprint). I could just see myself falling off the treadmill in the middle of the gym! I made it through my 3 cycle goal with a little knee pain but overall felt great. I had so much sweat on my was AWESOME!
Here's what I love about this workout. You can modify the speed if the stated speeds are too fast for you. Not everyone is at the same level with their running but everyone can enjoy this insane run! If you want to try this out but aren't sure about the higher speeds, just take it down a level. For example, decrease all speeds by 1 mph (start at 4.0 and work your way up). You may have to experiment to find your level but, if you are an experienced runner, you may already know what you are capable of doing.
If you want to sweat, try this workout! 

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