Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Don't Decorate Too Much

My title has a meaning. If you are my sister or mother, you are alreaady laughing :) If you are confused, here's the story (it won't be as funny to you because it's an inside joke from my childhood).
I am reminded of the phrase, "Don't decorate too much," every Christmas season. When I was younger (can't even guess my age), my family and I passed by a house, when we were checking out decorated homes, that had maybe one string of lights up. Not gonna lie, it was kinda lame. My sister, Shawna, or maybe me (can't remember which one of us) said "Don't decorate too much." Since that moment, it's been a big deal every holiday. It's progressed to the point where we will take pictures of homes that have, basically, no decorations and text them to each other! Shawna even taught this "game" to her son Drew!
When my mom visited earlier this week (which was AWESOME, by the way), I realized that my home is one of THOSE homes! Although the inside is dressed up pretty well, the outside has only a wreath!
At least it's a pretty wreath :) Jimmy's mom made it for us a couple of years ago.
While I'm on the topic of family, I'll switch gears very quickly to my mom's visit! She drove into Columbus last Monday...I was able to get off work in time to greet her! That evening, we took her to Marcella's for her birthday dinner (she's a Christmas Eve baby) and I let her open her birthday gift early. We then spent some time in the kitchen making gluten free desserts...brownies and chocolate chip cookies! The next day, she was able to watch the girls graduate from agility class and then we celebrated Christmas:

Christmas is my mom's favorite holiday. I'm SO glad I was able to spend time with her during this season.  I love the joy on her face during these times! Love you mommy!


  1. You two look like sisters!! People have asked me and Gabe's mom if we're sisters (not because we look alike but because she looks so young). I get offended, but you shouldn't. Cute!!

    1. I'm sure my mom will appreciate the compliment! I just hope I look that young when I turn 50!