Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Domestication of Lisa

I'm the furthest thing from a housewife, but, lately, things are happening that scare me. I think God is trying to domesticate me! HELP! I find myself wanting to cook things...cook?! I'm looking up recipes and actually buying the ingredients to cooks them. I also find that the idea of having children doesn't annoy me as much. I'm still confident that I'll never be ready but I'm actually starting to consider kids as an option for my future. Wow...never thought I'd say that!
I also find myself wanting to participate more in holiday decoration. I was sad to see all of the Halloween decorations in my neighbors' yards because I wanted mine to look as cool! I decided I would start hitting up the clearance sales at stores after each holiday to start collecting decorations for future years.
Finally, I'm finding myself trying to develop relationships with other women in my church. I'm usually very shy and tend to stick with my group of friends or just my husband. Lately I've been connecting more with other women and feeling ok with it! Crazy!
These are just a few things on my mind lately. But it's enough to scare me! I think I might be growing up as I enter my 30's.

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