Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Monday, October 8, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor?!

I've actually had no problem loving my neighbors up to this point (the ones at the back of our house)...I just think my neighbors can't stand us! When we moved into our home, the woman of the household brought us some yummy cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood. She was so nice and I would talk to her anytime I would see her outside. I was never formally introduced to her husband but I see him out all the time. He's not quite as friendly...I always thought maybe he was a little shy and just liked to keep to himself. 
Two years later, things are completely different. They NEVER say hi or wave...they actually seem to want to avoid us! What went wrong?! What did we do to cause this?!
I think one reason may be Izzie, our mini Australian Shepherd. I think she's a sweetheart, but she's insane if she doesn't know you...very protective, very territorial. She barks like a maniac at our male neighbor and the kids the female neighbor babysits (she has a daycare at her home). I always feel tension in those situations. I try to stop Izzie but she can't be stopped...she's hard to catch and she doesn't listen to commands when she's barking at them.
Just when I thought things couldn't get more awkward with our neighbors, the following happened:
My puppy girls were outside and I was ready for them to come in so I could chill a little. I said the "come" command which usually gets a response...but today they were being brats. I finally had to get mean and loud with the command...they still didn't respond and come in the house. At the point, I noticed a couple of my neighbors blinds were pulled down (as if they were peeking out). I'm sure it was because they heard me yelling at my dogs. I finally was able to get my dogs in and noticed they were still peeking! Weird. When I got into the house, I looked out my kitchen window and they were still peeking. So what did I do?! I stared back, of course :) I'm such a jerk. I stared until they realized I knew they were being creepy.  I know I should have just ignored it but it's creepy to sneak a peek at people like that...
I don't know how to make things less awkward with these people. I'm sure they're convinced that my family and me are insane. I thought about inviting them to one of our many parties but they are older so I doubt they would come. Maybe I can get them a nice bottle of wine at Christmas...I dunno. Any suggestions?

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