Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 10: The Bursting of My Bubble

Did I just make up a word? Grammar isn't my thang :)
My weekly workouts went well without major complaints...and this week I decided on a goal time for my race! In my last post, I told you all about my goal time of 4:15:00. I was so excited when I made this decision. I thought the time would be attainable yet challenging all at the same time. After my 14 miler on Saturday, I'm thinking it will be more on the challenging side and less on the attainable...EEK!
I started my 14 miles with an insanely positive attitude. I was so excited about it...I knew I could finish it without needing to walk. When I was approaching 4 miles, my knees were already bothering me a little. It wasn't pain, more like a pressure in my joints. I got to my house for a quick water break at 6 miles (I've been leaving water and gatorade in my yard to drink every 6 or so miles). I knew when I was taking that water break that I was in for a challenge.
The next 6 miles were even more challenging. My goal this run was to do the whole thing at my marathon race pace (bad idea, I know). I did the first 12 miles at the 9:44 pace but just had to walk after that...I was so pooped! It took every ounce of mental strength that I had to finish this run. Because of all the walking I did in mile 13, I felt like I was sprinting the last mile.
I'm being way too time focused but I can't help it. That's what keeps me going. This run bursted my bubble of excitement about my goal time. I'm going to try to put this run in the past and look toward next week's challenge. My weekday mileage is increased this week (cross train, 6 hill repeats, strength workout, 6 miler, and 7 miler). My goal for weekdays are to go the pace the training program tells me to go...I have a hard time with easy pace runs and tend to go faster than I should. Saturday will be a doozy: 16 miles but my last 4 miles must be at race pace which means I will need to chill out that first 12 and not kill myself. Wish me luck!

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