Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Just Wanted to Be With the Track and I'm a Quitter

Love my boys.

I still have no plan. My only goal was to run 5 days and to make one of those a track workout. I've done only one track workout in the past year plus...ONE. When you get pregnant, speed doesn't matter. After I had Ruthie, speed wasn't my concern. I only cared about building my base mileage and completing a marathon in under 4 hours. After a few months, I did start some structured race pace runs and tempo runs, but I never ran faster than 10k pace for a very short period of time. I mastered those race pace runs, though!

Selfie fun with Roop.
As I'm in the middle of my do-whatever-I-want month, I'm starting to think a lot about getting my speed back. I feel so slow!! Since I'm past that two week post marathon mark, I thought I would sneak in a track workout to see how I felt. I have no particular reason I need to do it, I just want to. I like the track. At the same time, I'm definitely embracing the break before my next training session starts.
  • 5/8: Shoulders/Glutes workout, 45 minutes. My legs deserved a break from running.
    Roop trying to demo her plank.

  • 5/9: 6.06 miles, 8:49/mile. I ventured into the long lost world of Blacklick to run with Jessie and Katie. My legs felt a little fatigued, and I wondered if I might survive my track workout the next day. I should be past marathon recovery phase, but I'm still tired. I think I'm letting my mental struggles outside of running affect how my physical body is feeling.
  • 5/10: 6.25 miles, 8:42/mile; Glutes/Abs/Yoga, 45 minutes. Track Day!!! I was happy to be back on the track, but wasn't totally prepared for what it handed to me. IT. WAS. HARD. I knew it probably would be, but I was hoping it would leave me feeling slightly confident. It did not. LOL. I hit my pace range for most of them (7-7:15), but slipped closer to 10k pace on a few in the last set. The workout was 15x400m, 100m recovery. I broke it into three sets and did a 400m recovery between sets. I also did a warm up mile. The road to getting my speed back is going to be a long one.
    Not the track I was on...I was so bad about taking pics this week.
  • 5/11: Chest/Back workout, 30 minutes. I just wanted a leg break.
  • 5/12: 12.01 miles, 8:42/mile. A short work day allowed for a mid day long run. Fortunately, I had company this time! Jessie and I took a Tour de Gahanna and New Albany. Running only 12 road miles further confirmed that I'm not at all excited about 31 trail miles. Ugh.
    I saw a lot of this girl this week. Not complaining!
  • 5/13: 6 miles, 8:55/mile. With my long run out of the way, all I needed was 6 measly miles before playing mom all day. Since Jessie and I always drive to Westerville to run, we decided to stick close to home and meet in Gahanna. We had a few more inclines than our legs wanted to tolerate, but it was a nice little run to start the weekend.
    Because our selfie wasn't flattering, you get pavement, trees, and an incline.
  • 5/14: 6.08 miles, 8:25/mile. I was invited to crash the Powell party this morning to start my Mother's Day. I was able to walk away from the Tim Horton's parking lot without buying Timbits. I was pleased with my self control.
    Marion-too much booze the night before. Jackie-too much booze two nights before. Lisa-where's my booze?
Technically, I suppose you aren't a quitter unless you actually start the task. I think I've pretty much decided that I'm not going to do this 50k. My heart simply isn't in it. My number one goal right now is to BQ. This race simply will not improve my efforts in that department. In fact, it could potentially sideline me if I fall and get hurt or come out of it feeling fatigued (which is pretty much a given after running 31 miles!). My next marathon training session starts in ONE WEEK!! If I ran that race, I would go into the start of my training feeling like crud. I just don't want that. WHY DID I REGISTER FOR THIS 50k?! LOL!!! So, if people want to call me a quitter or even a weiner...so be it. I'm a quitter and a weiner.

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