Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Little R&R....

...Regret and Recovery

Visiting the Dublin corn on the way to pick up daddy.
Recovery has been much different this time around. A month before I ran the Little Rock (LR) Marathon, my right hamstring and piriformis were always tight, and no amount of stretching would work it out. I decided to get a massage three days before the race, and that seemed to really help out. It never bothered me during the race or afterwards.
 In the seven weeks between the LR and Carmel Marathon, the tightness was mostly in control and never warranted another massage. I sort of regret not getting one before Carmel. Although it wasn't horrible during the race, it was AWFUL afterwards. I couldn't believe how tight it was! Because of this, I really played it safe this week. I let my hamstring tell me what to run instead of my head or heart.
  • The day after: Yoga and mowing. I wasn't excited to mow (and it probably irritated my legs a bit), but it needed to be done.
    Spring has sprung.
  • 4/24: 1 mile, 10:52/mile; 1 cycling mile, 4:46. Oh boy. Not exactly the run I wanted it to be! I fully intended to feel as great as I felt after LR and run 2 miles. My hammy told me immediately to chill out. I felt the tightness with every step. My gait was off because I was running so cautiously. I don't tend to think the worst of these situations. I knew it was simply a tight muscle, but, for a split second, I had convinced myself that my hammy was going to rip from my leg. After running only a mile, I rode the bike for an easy mile to loosen it up enough for stretching.
    That was a rough one.
  • 4/25: 3.1 miles, 10:16/mile. I was going to rest completely, but I had a stressful day. Work was insane, and I was finally on my way to my last patient. My freaking car broke down on 71-S in the middle of Grove City construction in which there were NO SHOULDERS to pull over. I found one of those "Emergency Vehicles Only" areas in between the north and southbound lanes. I was able to park my car there instead of the middle of a busy freeway. Two hours and 45 minutes later, I was on the road with the tow truck to get my car to a shop. UGH. Needless to say, I needed a run. I let my body run at whatever felt easy. I never looked at my watch...just ran. It was a slow pace, but I was happy that my leg felt really good and that I didn't feel tired.
    Ordered this gem. Now I need to register for a race so I can use it!
  • 4/26: REST...because it's the right thing to do.
  • 4/27: 4.01 miles, 8:54/mile. After "sleeping in" until 6:15 everyday this week, I was feeling peppy for my 4:20 wake up call. I met some gals for a 4 miler of unknown pace. Most of us were either recovering from a race or tapering for one. After my Tuesday night run, I assumed I'd be in the high 9s for my pace. I didn't look at my watch and was shocked to see my average. No hamstring irritation! Things are definitely looking up!
    Early risers! [Betty, Allison, Emily, Audra, ME]
  • 4/28: 7.6 cycling miles, 30:12; 30 minutes yoga and abs. I wanted to run but thought I should continue to take it easy and be nice to my hammy. It hasn't bothered me at all today and felt like normal when working out at the gym!
  • 4/29: 1.33 mile warm up, 8:22/mile; 6.6 mile race, 7:46/mile. It was Cap City Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/5k day! Separate Race Report HERE.
    Start line selfie. [Marion, ME, Jackie]
  • 4/30: 6.01 miles, 8:38/mile. I met up with Jessie in New Albany for a few "easy" miles. I think they were much easier for her than me! LOL. I was feeling pretty fatigued. I definitely felt that race from the day before.
    Post run/pre latte pic. [ME, Jessie]

So...regret...I have had a really bad attitude about this 50k. After running Carmel, I just want a break from longer races. I REALLY don't want to run a 50k. I know it will be fun and different than running a marathon. I won't have to run fast, and I'll be able to enjoy my surroundings. I just don't want to do the distance. It just doesn't sound fun right now. I'm hoping that I'll get more excited as I recover. Right now, my heart isn't there.
My lady love. This is how happy she is when she wakes up.

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