Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, January 3, 2016

It Only Took Four Attempts {and is this almost over]...

Just because picture. My sweet family on our last day of 2015.

I've been trying since December 12th to run 14 miles. I'm not sure why that number was so important to me. I guess I just felt I needed to run that amount to make sure I could tolerate running my half marathon. The first week I ran 13.5 miles...probably could have made it to 14 but wanted to stop at 9 so I was DONE. The next two weeks, I couldn't will myself to run more than 12. It was a struggle.
That face is exactly how I felt about running 14 miles.
I know it's because I had to do these runs in the morning. I swore off morning runs after my horrible attempt on Friday. I started dry heaving after 5 miles and knew it wasn't going to happen. I was so pissed...and DETERMINED. I knew I could get it done! I decided I would make an attempt on the mill. FOURTEEN MILES ON THE TREADMILL?! Ugh. I have some crazy friends who have run much more than that on the treadmill but 8 miles has always been my limit.
I wanted to quit so many times, but I kept taking it two miles at a time. I hated this run so much that I didn't feel a lot of excitement when I finished. I was just glad to be DONE.

One of the highlights of my week. Although we both felt like crap, I got to run my last 6 miles of 2015 with one of my besties. This girl kicked butt the following day in a 5k!!! [Marion]
In other news, I didn't accomplish my speed workout this week (too many attempts at morning running) but I did run a solid 45 miles (if you count Sunday through Saturday; 37 miles if you do Monday through Sunday). I really hate not having a goal right now!

I'm still convinced I'm 12 weeks pregnant and can't wait to find out in 9 more days!!!!! Please continue praying for me. The Unisom has definitely helped me sleep better at night but I still feel tired most of the day. I'm also still very nauseous most of the day. I do have periods of relief  but they seem to last for only an hour. I'm hoping I have only 1-2 more weeks of this! I just keep holding onto the fact that this is temporary and the second trimester will be glorious.

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