Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ending and Starting with a BANG! [My Running Year in Pictures]

I remember this run vividly. It was so windy but a "warm" day for January. We took our boys on a 14 mile stroller run!

I'm so excited to begin my 2016 running adventure. If I thought 2015 was a great year, I can only imagine what 2016 has in store. I'm most excited to see what I can accomplish while pregnant. The great thing is that I will have no pressure at all to perform a certain way! It's going to be awesome!!!
February frosty lashes! I never knew this was a thing until I lived in Ohio.
The planner in me is anxiously awaiting my first OB appointment (January 12th). I'm dying to know how far along I am with Baby Boo Deux. When I was pregnant with JD3 a.k.a. Baby Boo, I was in the middle of a "one race per month goal." Because I wasn't running very much when I got pregnant with him, I never really progressed to running more than 6 miles and only raced 5k's. This time around, things are VERY different. Most of you guys know how much I ran this year. I ran a grand total of:
2,072.49 miles!!!

A rare run with Kimberly. This was also a random afternoon stroller run with our boys. I didn't know the little stinker was pregnant at the time!! [March]
April long run. I think this might have been Marion's first 20 miler EVER!
As of now, I have no time or mileage goals for next year. Once I get through this horrible first trimester, I'm sure I'll enjoy running again. Right now, I'm just trying to survive! Despite feeling like crap, I'm still able to run in the 7' just depends on the day. Not having a training program is driving me slightly crazy but I can't follow one right now. I just never know how I will feel. My only plan is to run when I can, run fast when I can, run slow when I have to, run far when I can, run 'not far' if I have to. Sounds pretty simple to me!

May, Flying Pig. Jackie's first marathon and my 3rd.
I am currently planning one race per month through June. Anything else is questionable based on my due date:
  • January: Broke Man's Winter Warm Up- Half Marathon
  • February: Warm Up for Boston- Half Marathon 2-Person Relay
  • March: St. Patrick's Day 4 Miler at Kinsale
  • April: Ann Arbor Half Marathon
  • May: Flying Pig Half Marathon
  • June: Columbus 10k
That time I convinced Marion to do a half marathon with me. VICTORY! [June]

A rare run with the always sweet Debbie! [July]

I'm so excited to begin 2016 with Baby Boo Deux and friends!

Emerald City Half in August. The first time I ever yacked after a race!

My birthday run. Theresa knows how to make a birthday girl smile! [September]

October 10 miler in Westerville. The day I had an overdue 3.1 mile solo date with Jackie.

November stretching shenanigans.

That time in December when the weather was perfect and we all decided to kill ourselves by doing a 5k.

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