Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Monday, July 20, 2015

Highs and Lows- Week 2

My 350th blog post!!!!
(this means absolutely nothing but seems like a reason to type a lot of exclamation points)
Week two of marathon training is officially over! This week was much easier for me. Mileage was about the same as last week (41.24 total miles with 41 being my goal) but I only had one speed workout planned.
  • Lack of motivation to get up early and run solo. If I know I'm meeting someone, it forces me to get out of bed whether I want to or not. I STRUGGLE big time to get up early and run solo in my hood. I had my one and only speed workout on Tuesday, a tempo run. I'm usually a fan of tempo runs but, based on how I felt during my warm up, I didn't think I could hit my goal splits. I ended up doing well, but getting there was a battle.

  • I explored a new route. When I meet people for group runs during the week, we always start at the same spot...mostly because it's convenient. I try to make up new routes so it doesn't feel monotonous. I felt a little adventurous this week and made up a route that I wasn't totally sure about. I came out alive and unscathed...although some might wish the opposite! ;)
  • I found time for a midday run. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a morning runner. I do it because I have to in order to spend time with my family. I had a short work day this week that allowed me to run in the early afternoon. I enjoyed the sun and all it's glory.
  • Being there for your friends when they need you the most. Two different groups of my friends set out on Saturday and Sunday morning. Both mornings were very humid with a nice breeze. Some of us were feeling burned-out from the high humidity, some of us in running funks, some hurting, and others indifferent. When a friend is down and they tell you to keep going, don't do it (especially on High Street that early in the a.m.!). What they might mean is that they want you there but they don't want to hold you back. It's a beautiful thing when friends come together on a run and support each other.
    Sunday morning hills!

  • New shoes. I realized I haven't put on a new pair of shoes since February. I never count the miles I put on my shoes. I just wait until my knees start aching. I decided to order the Saucony Ride 7's again. I wore them for the first time this year and really loved them. They helped me survive my PR marathon!
Saucony Ride 7
That leaves me 16 more weeks until my 4th full marathon! It seems like it's still forever away! I'm looking forward to decreased mileage this week. I have a 5k on Saturday and would love to make it a PR! (I say 5k PR loosely because, out of all of the 5k's I've run in my 19 years of running, I have NO IDEA what my true PR is...as of the past 3 years or so, 23:19 is my PR and that was run during my recent half marathon  My other recent 5ks have been stroller runs with James. I know I'm capable of better!)

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