Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Waving, Another Tooth, Eating, and Massive Dooking

My little cutie had a first this week...


It was so stinkin' cute! At first, I thought I was trippin' but he has been doing it ever since. It's still hit or miss but I'm still a proud mommy :-) I'm also starting to teach him how to high five. He's starting to get the idea but isn't quite there.

This was one of MANY takes. We could never get the perfect picture because he hated the light!

James popped out his second tooth about a week ago! He was unusually fussy last Friday so we finally broke down and gave him Tylenol. It really seemed to help his mood. The next day, we noticed a big ole tooth in his mouth! It looks a little weird, though, because the second one is significantly bigger that his first tooth. Hopefully it all evens out!


My boy is FINALLY starting to eat willingly! He doesn't eat everyday and it takes a lot of patience on my part, but at least I don't have to force it in his mouth. His favorites seem to be the squirt pouches (usually something fruity), mum mums, and, most recently, puffs. He seems to prefer me squirting the food in his mouth rather than me feeding him with a spoon (although, he will occasionally take food from the spoon). I think he likes the mum mums because they are big enough for him to hold on his own. He doesn't quite have the pincer grasp yet but tries really hard to pick up the puffs with his two little fingers. 

Funny boy ;)

Now that he's eating a little more, I'm starting to deal with a change in his poopy diapers. The following may be TMI if you don't have kids or care to talk about poop. Lately, it seems like every time I change a diaper, he has a little poop around his booty hole but none on his diaper. I just knew there would be a massive explosion in my future. I was secretly hoping it would happen to Jimmy or Jane (his sitter) you guys! LOL. 
Today, J was grunting like he's never grunted before...and, then, I smelled it....the massive dook I've been anticipating. I'm just thankful he didn't let more out when I was changing him (I recruited Jimmy to help with this one!). An hour or so later, it happened again...but worse! It's like this boy had a poop reserve. Hopefully his body will adjust well to the changing diet so my boy doesn't get an upset tummy :(


Coming Soon: 
We have family pictures next week and James has his 9 month appointment the following week!

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