Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Friday, September 26, 2014

Handing Off James

For those who follow my blog, I've talked about my struggles with leaving James. I'm not referring to leaving him at the sitter while I'm working. What I'm referring to is those times outside of my work routine.

Those times when Jimmy and I go on short dates about 10 minutes away from my house because I can't stand to be further than that...those times Jimmy has to take my phone away from me because I want to keep checking on James or look at his pictures even though we've only been gone an hour.

I think you get the point.

In the last week, I've had two different leaders at our church (which doesn't have a nursery on Sunday mornings) ask if a nursery is something that I would take advantage of if our church had one. On the surface, it sounds great! Hand James off to one of my fellow church attenders so I can focus on the message?!

One of my biggest complaints since having James is that I really haven't heard a church sermon in 9+ months because of caring for James. The more I thought about our church having a nursery, the more I thought I wouldn't bring him to it. Honestly, I still have issues letting him go. When I figured this out in my wonderful brain, I then thought, "WHY?! Why do I feel this way?"

Here's where I want y'all to chime in:
I wonder if it's because I'm away from him daily while I'm at work and I feel guilty for leaving him any other time. I feel like I need to take advantage of every single moment that I'm not at work.

That's all I could come up with! I would really like to hear from stay at home moms or part time working moms on this one. Is it really hard for you to leave your babies for dates, etc. even though you are with them a lot during the week days?

I need more perspective and understanding as to why I can't just LET GO! Does this end when they turn a certain age?

Talk to me, ladies.

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