Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, September 13, 2014

An Exciting Week In The World of James....

My boy decided to end his 8th month with a bang! He has been eating more consistently, talking up a storm, and hitting some developmental milestones.

Even though I have a ton of frozen homemade food in my freezer, James seems to prefer those squirt pouches. When did those become a thing, anyway?! I'm pretty sure we didn't have those when I has a kid. Sometimes he likes me to squirt it straight from the pouch; other times, he likes it with a spoon. We'll just agree that feeding him takes a lot of patience nowadays but it getting a lot better.

"Talking up a storm" does not mean actual words but he is definitely more vocal and we take turns talking as I pretend to know what he's saying. SO FUN!

Finally, James had two developmental firsts this week. At our family photo shoot, we were all on our bellies taking some pics and J decided to scoot/creep/crawl forward (I seriously do not know the difference between the terms). He has been getting all over the place for a while but mostly via rolling, scooting backwards, and wiggling. This time, he actually progressed forward using his arms but his belly and legs were just there for the ride...kinda like the military crawl. It was so cool to see...Jimmy and I were speechless.

Then, yesterday, he decided to go from his belly to the sitting position by himself. Jimmy and I both missed it! We were both in the living room, Jimmy looked over and saw him sitting. We were like "what the what?!" J pretty much did that the rest of the evening ;)

(you can skip the video to 1 minute to save time)


Besides those fun things, J's cousin, Maggy, was born and J went to the zoo for the second time (but his first time going while awake!).  He LOVED the fish at the aquarium but wasn't the biggest fan of feeding the giraffes.


My boy turns 9 months tomorrow! I am so happy that he is healthy and growing. He goes to his 9 month appointment on Wednesday so we'll get his recent stats. I'm dying to know how much he weighs!

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