Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, July 20, 2014

James Turns 7 Months

Dear James,

You are such a big boy! This month's "milestone" has been all about sitting. Since your doctor appointment, we started practicing A LOT! By the time you hit 7 months, you could sit 2-3 minutes at a time without falling over! It was neat to see the strength that you gained. You are becoming a sittin' fool!

We are STILL trying to get you to eat food. You're still not a fan but seem to like bananas and applesauce more than anything else we try. But, mostly, you purse your lips and do anything you can to keep me from putting food in your mouth. It's become pure entertainment.

You had a few firsts this month including your first festival, first trip to Lake Erie, and first time to see Grandpa Davis perform his music.

I've been convinced the last two weeks that you are teething. I'm just waiting for a tooth to pop through. If you do have one, I probably can't see it anyway because you won't let me look inside your mouth!

You have been such a trooper with mommy and her running. I think you might like it! I did one run without you this month and it was so weird! Honestly, I missed you like crazy!!! I just hope that you can tolerate it when I get into the 10+ mile range.

Besides you moving all over the place in a matter of seconds, the coolest thing about this month has been the fact that your personality traits are starting to show. So far, daddy and I think you are stubborn. You make this apparent with the whole "I'm not going to open my mouth" phase. You are also becoming very vocal. It's fun to hear new little noises coming from your mouth. Finally, you are such a chill baby. You have this attitude and look like everything is all good. You mostly go with the flow. You definitely didn't get that from your momma!

I love you, son, and have so much fun hanging out with you! I only wish I didn't have to work so I could spend even more time with you!


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