Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Independence Day Weekend, Teething, Date Time and James Still Won't Eat (LOL)...

I definitely should have posted last week because I have a lot to say about the last two weeks!


Independence Day weekend was 99% awesome! I had the most wonderful 4 day weekend and spent all kinds of time with my boy (the other 1% was James being a little nuts on Monday because of teething...he cried most of the day and didn't sleep well the night before). We kicked off our weekend with mommy/baby happy hour at BJ's Brewhouse with Jackie and Kirstin and had Whit's that evening with The Hatti! Good thing we ran the next day! 

July 4th was awesome! Mr. Boo had a volleyball tournament so we went to Marysville to hang with his family. We ate yummy parfaits on the Davis patio...such a beautiful morning...then went to the popular Union County Fairgrounds to see Grandpa Davis play some music for the festival. James loved hanging out with Grandma Joan...he even fell asleep in her arms :) After the gig, we hung out with Aunt Amy and the cousins for a few. The only thing that would have made the day better is having Jimmy with us!

The fun continued on Saturday. After our long run with Peyton and Jackie, we all met some other friends at Bunny Park in Dublin. They have some cool fountains and waterfalls. J wasn't a fan at first but eventually warmed up to it. Later that evening (the weather being even more perfect than the day before), we went to Local Cantina at Creekside with Grandpa and Grandma Joan. They have the best margaritas and tacos! (SIDE NOTE: If you EVER want to go out for a margarita, I'm the girl to invite...just sayin')

Despite a rough end to our long weekend with James' teething, the day was made better by Grandma Deb coming over to hang out with us while Mr. Boo was at work. She even brought us...well, me...some Cane's!


James is so stubborn when it comes to opening his mouth! I want to get a good look and feel for teeth but he just won't let me!! The little stinker. I thought I saw a white spot and so did his daddy and sitter. He has been gnawing on things all week and I can tell the little booger is in pain at times. He won't take the typical teething toys so I have given him some baby Tylenol if I think he's really in pain. Poor baby.


Last night, we were given the opportunity to go on a baby-free date. We went to Marysville and dropped J off at Jim and Joan's and went to uptown (or is it downtown) Marysville and had some Mexican food and a margarita. (For those in M-ville, that Mexican place, Fiesta something, is not that great. If you haven't been there, I suggest just going somewhere else.) We then crossed the street to get some custard from Whit's! If you guys haven't noticed, margaritas and Whit's are obviously two of my favorite things :)

When we went to pick J up, we saw the cutest thing:

Grandma feeding him a bottle while Grandpa was playing the guitar and singing him a song.

James still won't eat and I'm still not that concerned about it. It's more annoying than anything! LOL. I bought a couple of new gadgets at Target to try to coax him into eating. One is basically an oversizes pacifier that you fill with pureed food; 

the other, a mesh feeder in which you can put frozen treats, amongst other things. We tried frozen blueberries during one of our runs and that was a mess! Basically, I'm just trying to feed him something everyday without force. Eventually, when he's ready, he'll eat real food.

Oh yeah...he's starting to drink some water!


I'll leave y'all with some smile pictures since it's SO HARD to get that boy's smile on camera!

At Jane's.

So cute!

Not a massive smile but he LOVES to splish splash in the bath tub!

Saucer fun.

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