Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Baby James: Pediatrician, Zoo, and Festival

Now that I've made it through 26 weeks with James and 26 weeks of alphabet themed titles, I'm bored. I'll just update weekly without creative titles until I think of another theme to go on. AND, I know I'm a week late on his 6 month letter...there's a reason.

We've had another awesome week in the Davis household. James is continuing his new sleeping pattern and I'm still getting up once in the middle of the night to pump...gotta keep that milk flowing! Now I'm just trying to adjust to his new wake up time which is usually in the 5 o' clock hour. I wake up at 545 but that is traditionally my "me time." This no longer exists but we'll figure things out. All I really want/need is my coffee and bible time. If I get those things, I'm good.

James' firsts this week:

-I can't remember if I mentioned this last week but James tried avocado this week as well as banana. He's starting to get the hang of eating and even opens his mouth as the spoon gets closer. So far, he seems the most receptive to banana. Not sure if that's because he's becoming better at eating or if he likes the taste better. 

-James went to the zoo for the first time. He had no idea what was happening and was more concerned with eating and napping. I'm sure he'll appreciate it more when he is old enough to understand. 
My niece, Molly, and I enjoying the zoo.

-James' first time participating in game playing with me. This has to be the highlight of my week. I cover his face with his cloth book and say "Where's James?!" He then takes the book off of his face and I say "There he is!" He absolutely loves it! It's neat to see how he understands that we're playing a game and that it's fun!

-James can sit for a few short seconds on his own. The pediatrician told us about tri-pod sitting. It's allowing James to learn to hold himself up rather than us holding him at his waist. 

-James went to his first festival. Gahanna is having their Creekside Jazz and Blues Fest this weekend and we went last night. I felt REALLY guilty for having James out past his bedtime but he was such a good boy and still slept well that night. We stayed out until 11 or so which is a big night for the Davii! LOL!

Another highlight of the week was James' 6 month appointment. I was DYING  to know how much he's grown! All is well with his health, he received 3 vaccinations, and we learned he has a big ole head! Here are his stats:
-Weight: 14 lbs, 15 oz. (7th percentile)
-Height: 27 inches (66th percentile)
-Head Circumference: 83rd percentile

The doc had to do a double take on the head size...she even remeasured to make sure the nurse didn't make a mistake! Basically, J has a tall and skinny body (mom) that holds up a big head (dad). 

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