Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby James: 26 Weeks...ZZZZZZ

Those eyes.

My boy is 6 months old, people...6 MONTHS OLD!!! Holy crap, where did the time go?! I still have to write him a 6 month letter but I'm waiting until his doctor appointment on Tuesday. I want to know how big my boy has gotten!

This week has been all about getting James to sleep. Read THIS post about how I did it. Since Operation: Sleepy Baby, James has slept over 8 hours the last three nights! HOLLA!!!
A James burrito.

The sleeping thing has been our main accomplishment this week but James has had a couple of firsts:

-J is exploring his squeaky, high voice. He's made lots of funny noises this week that we've never heard before...including this:

-I discovered, thanks to James' babysitter, that the reason James wasn't responding well to solids is because I was making it too thick. I really thinned out some carrots and he actually swallowed them. He also tried avocado for the first time today! I think he liked it a lot more than the carrots. 
He's unsure about carrots...

Wait, maybe he does want some.

Other than that, we just celebrated the awesomeness of my boy for his half birthday. He went on a 7 mile jog with Jackie, Peyton, and me; we took some pictures with Aunt Amy and hung out with family.
Playing with Charlotte

Trying to let Charlotte down easy.

Always loves running with mommy.

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  1. James may be unsure about the carrots, but Izze knows what's good- she is licking her lips in the background! lol