Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

James Turns 4 Months

Dear Baby James,

You are the sweetest boy EVER! You only fuss when you deserve to be fussy (i.e. diaper needs to be changed, you're hungry, etc.). This has been your best month so far! You recognize your mommy and daddy and smile when you see us. You have been going to Ms. Jane's for over a month and you have lots of fun there while mommy and daddy are at work. Mommy still wishes she didn't have to work all day but working allows us to do things like baby yoga, swimming lessons, etc. (P.S. We get to start baby yoga in a few days!!!).

You've had A LOT of firsts this month. At the beginning of the month, you started rolling to your side; a couple weeks later, you were able to roll towards your right onto your stomach! It became your favorite thing to even sleep in that position. Today, mommy got to see you roll from your stomach to back for the first time (I think daddy saw you do it a couple days ago). You are also a champ at tummy time. You can hold that big ole head up like it's nothing. Now we just need to get you strong enough to sit up in your Bumbo chair.

You also had your first giggles (which are so cute!) and started enjoying family walks in your carrier. You LOVE to check out your surroundings! You are learning and taking in all of the cool things of this world. In addition to your jungle gym, you have become quite fond of "Mr. Monkey" and "planet." I think you like them because you can put them in your mouth.

When mommy went back to work, you started sleeping horribly! The last week or so, we put a sound machine in your room and now you sleep 5-6 hours then 3 more hours! Now mommy has a little more energy :) You also became a big boy a couple of weeks ago when you started sleeping in your own room and your own crib. It was hard for mommy to let go!

Son, you are the best kiddo in the whole world. I know the next month will be even more awesome because you'll keep getting stronger and more active. The weather is also getting nicer so we can enjoy outdoor activities! I love all of your milestones and love being your mommy.


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