Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Baby James: 14 Weeks...No More Naps?

The awful sleeping patterns continue this week. There was one night that James slept almost 6 hours without waking! There was a little glimmer of hope...and then the next night happened. He'll sleep between 2 and 3 hours at a time. I would think he would have gotten used to his new routine of going to the sitter by now (which is why I thought his night time sleeping was weird). What happened to that little boy who slept at least 5 hours for his mommy?!

His poor night time sleeping has trickled into his napping. Mr. Boo picked Baby J up from the sitter around noon on Friday and James didn't sleep AT ALL the rest of the day until he went to bed after 10 pm! And, today, he took only one 45 minute nap! He just keeps fighting it! He's not fussy the whole time but you can tell he wants to sleep so bad. Silly boy.

His eating has also been weird lately. He usually drinks/eats three of his bottles during the day but lately he's only drinking two! Not sure what to make of that.

J had some firsts this week:

-At the beginning of the week, he was doing this shoulder shrugging thing. It was kinda cute but he hasn't done it in a few days.

-I FINALLY got J to tolerate the carrier. I faced him forward instead of toward me and he loved it! The weather allowed us to go on a couple of walks this week.

-J's been doing what I can only describe as superman arms. I really wish I had a picture of it. He has been sticking his arms straight out and just looks at them...almost like he's discovering that his arms are attached to his body! So cute. 

-J had his first real giggle. He has had the giggle face for several weeks but, today, Jimmy got him to actually giggle! This has been the highlight of my weekend!

This week's challenges:
I wrote in my journal the other day that I was "tired of being tired" and was annoyed by not finding the time to exercise. The tiredness (probably not a word) is just from James' sleeping pattern...that's not changing anytime soon so I'll just keep drinking my coffee in the morning. As far as the exercise is concerned, I really thought I'd be able to schedule gym time into my day before picking up James. I've found that between seeing enough patients to keep a full schedule and pumping breast milk, I have not extra time in my day to go. Fortunately, I still get to go to Hip Hop Fitness on Mondays but I'm lucky to fit in a run or two during the week. I did yard work today just so I could feel like I was doing something worth while. I know my job is physical and I'm sure I burn good calories doing that...we are also able to do more family walks since the weather is a little better...ok, I'm blabbing. 
Here's what I'm trying to tell myself...things will gets tons better when the weather is consistently better because I'll be able to run in the evening while James is napping or after he goes to bed. And when he gets old enough, during the summer, he can go on runs with me! Once I get a jogging stroller, I'll have a half marathon training partner :)

Also, it's really hard not having time with my boo during the week. Sunday night through Friday afternoon seems to be all work and all baby. I look forward to the weekends so that I can have focused conversations with him. Life is nuts! Because of this, we decided we MUST take a nice vacation next year for our 5 year anniversary. We'll probably go back to Jamaica, our favorite place. By that time, James will be over a year old and we can let each set of grandparents spend a few days each with him. (oh my goodness it will be hard to leave him!)

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