Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baby James: 13 Weeks...Makin' Memories With Mom

I know I'm a day late posting James' 13 week update but I wouldn't dare miss out on time with my mom (or sleep,,,dang, this boy has been sleeping weird again). Mr. Boo went to Man Camp with our church this weekend so I asked my mom to come and visit so I didn't have to be alone! This is the first opportunity my mom has had to be with James since he was just a week old. I wish my mom was able to see him more often (that's why I overload Facebook with pics!).

We kept the visit low key to ensure maximum play time with James :) When mom came on Friday, we hung out at home then took a family walk with the girls. We then went to Red Robin for dinner (I've been dying to have a burger from there for 2 weeks!).

James freakin' loves his Grandma Angela! She was really good at making him smile and talk!! They did so much playing during the visit.

On Saturday, we did some shopping for little James' future playtime adventures. We hit up a consignment sale but only bought one toy. We got there 45 minutes into the sale and all the good stuff was already taken! So...we went to Once Upon a Child and bought a fun play table for when he is able to stand himself up and a play saucer for when he has good head control (we're hoping it's the sitting version of his jungle gym)!

We also went to Kohl's to buy him his Easter outfit and decided to have lunch at Panera:

We spent the rest of the night playing and James had a blast. He misses his Grandma Angela already.

In other news this week:

-James went back to sleeping horribly...maybe I'm exaggerating a little but he's NOT sleeping at least 5 hours. I've been SO TIRED this week!

-We also had the Bradley reunion last weekend and James got to meet lots of new friends.
The babies left to right is from oldest to youngest. They're all 2-3 months older than James.

The hot, sexy mommies and their other 2/3.

-I fit into one of my favorite pair of skinny jeans.

-I had my first full time week at work and didn't go insane. I was able to finish my work before picking up James (except for one day).

-We had a couple of really nice days so James got some outdoor time. He LOVED it!

*James had an exciting first this week! He rolled from his back to his side! AND I got it on video...I'm dying to post it but I want daddy to see it first. We've been doing a lot more tummy time and strengthening activities with him the last week and I think it's really helping.

A final thought: Even though James is still really little, I decided I need to get into the holidays a little more. For example, Easter is coming up in another month. Of course he has an Easter outfit but I know I should make him a basket. I'm totally not motivated for some reason but I know I'll regret it if I don't do it! I might even have to go buy him something green to wear for St. Patty's day tomorrow!

How did you guys feel about the holidays when your babies were too young to remember? Did you really get into it?

Other 13 week photos (sorry for picture overload...a lot happened this week!):
Watch out for giraffe neck!

Family photo!

He looks like a little man here!

Passed out during his 3 month photo shoot.

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