Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Color Run...Yes, I'm Still Running

I don't think pregnancy is limiting my physical activity as much nowadays as this frickin' heat! It has been so intense outside!
Baby Boo and I were solo this morning at The Color Run. Mr. Boo had volleyball so Baby and I took the journey to downtown Columbus for some running fun! Unfortunately, since I didn't have my picture taker with me, I could only do Instagram selfies.
What I did bring was a waterproof disposable camera from our Jamaica trip in January. It still had a few pics left in it. I was afraid to take my phone with me on the run because I didn't really know what to expect!
It was so stinkin' humid outside so I was crazy sweating the entire time...BUT...I was able to run the whole thing. The only time I walked was when we went through the color blast areas where I couldn't seem to get around people.
Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Pink!!!
I'm hoping to have some better shots when I get the pictures developed. I took a pic in each color blast area :)
Next Race: The Dog Jog on August 18th! I'm excited about this one because I get to run with Angel and Mr. Boo is running with Izzie! YAY!

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