Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby Boo: 16 Weeks

(That's an avocado, by the way...I have an avocado in my belly) said that Baby Boo can now hear my voice. I'm pretty sure I said "$h!t" yesterday. Does it count if I whisper?! It also said I might be able to feel the baby move any day now! FUH-REAKY!!!
I've been feeling great the last couple of weeks. I might have mentioned that I was slacking a little with my running last week because of the intense stress at work. I got back into the grind of things and had an amazing run this past Saturday and Monday! They were only about 30 minutes long but I felt great!
I had my 16 week appointment on Tuesday and it went well. Baby Boo's heart rate is 147 bpm and the doctor measured my belly for the first time. Dr. P showed me how large my belly should get at 40 weeks. I still have a LONG way to go! It's gonna by HUGE!
I was a little worried about what my weight might be. As I posted HERE, I've decided not to weigh myself between doctor appointments. I weighed in at 121 lbs. which is totally normal! YAY! My regular weight range, pre-pregnancy, was anywhere between 114-117 lbs.
Last story: Mr. Boo and I were at the girls' agility class last night and I noticed I had horrible posture. I'm usually very aware of my posture. I told Mr. Boo that it must be my new big boobs weighing me down :)
P.S. They are not that much bigger...I'm still wearing the same bras!


  1. I have had to learn to watch my mouth. The other day I dropped one of RR's toys at church and it rolled away and I was totally like, "Oh shhiii...hhh..." HAHA.

  2. Last week baby Boo was the size of an orange. Isn't an orange bigger than an avocado? What's that all about? ;)

    1. Seriously! Maybe it was a baby orange and an extra large avocado :-)