Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, February 5, 2017

CTLR: 4 more weeks!!!

Countdown to Little Rock

Lunch with my boy.
Overall thoughts about this week:
  1. I've become a little obsessive with this yoga thing. I found a runner/yoga girl in the most recent Runner's World mag and started following her on IG. I caught the last two days of a 5 day challenge she was doing (Monday and Tuesday). I loved it so much that I found an old 14 day challenge she did in 2015 and started that on Wednesday. If you want to be entertained, you can follow me on IG to see my moves. Bahaha!!
  2. I had one bad run and determined I never want to do a short race ever again (see 2/1). I  was thinking about a 10k in a couple of weeks, but NO THANKS! Yet, I will likely run it. LOL.
  3. I hit a HUGE postpartum milestone (for me, anyway) and ran 185 miles in January!

  • 1/30: 6.14 miles, 9:09/mile. I met up with some friends for Carrie's birthday run! It was nice to have some easy miles after a weekend of hills!
    The birthday run crew!
  • 1/31: 7.7 cycling miles, 30:10; strength training. My shoulder hasn't bothered me the last couple of days, and I wanted to keep it that way! I opted for upper body exercises that didn't seem to irritate my shoulder, and I kept the resistance lighter than usual.
    Anti-rotation Press

  • 2/1: 8.04 miles, 8:18/mile. Tempo run day! I didn't sleep well the night before and kept dreaming about how I was going to fail this workout. I didn't fail it, but it wasn't that awesome. I felt good the first 6 miles. Mile 7 was tough, and I wanted to give up (thanks to Meg, I didn't). I was happy that I did three of my miles in the 7s (barely squeaking in one of them!). I think I would have felt a lot better if a) I had slept more/better; b) I had taken a gel mid-run.
  • 2/2: 8.03 miles, 8:46/mile; Core workout. I met Megan and Katie for an easy run through Westerville. I think we were all pretty sleepy, but we made it happen. Ruthie hasn't been feeling well so I was going on two rough nights of sleep and my second 4 am wake up call.
  • 2/3: Leg workout, 45 minutes. I was happy to have a rest day from running and decided to hit up the gym. I anticipate having wobbly legs during my run tomorrow! I ended my workout with child's pose to get my mind relaxed and reclining pigeon pose because it's a fancy name for a piriformis stretch.

    Side-lying hip abduction

    Ball bridge with straight leg raise
  • 2/4: 12 miles, 9:01/mile. Cutback weeks are awesome! I met some friends at the Olentangy Trail for a short long run. My calves were screaming from my leg workout yesterday!! Also, it was frickin' freezing outside. Garmin told me 10 degrees so I'm sure it was single digit real feel. BRRRR!!!
    We're awesome. [Meg, ME, Tamara, Katie]
  • 2/5: Hatha Yoga Class, 1 hour. I love that this instructor mixes things up a bit. This week seemed to have a little more strengthening, and the stretching poses were more challenging.
Ever since that leg workout on Friday, my left calf has been screaming. I think the yoga class helped work out the final yuckiness. I'm entering into my final 50 mile week before my marathon!! I can't believe it. I have a tough week ahead of me including a race pace run, a track workout, and my third 20 miler. I'm also hoping to make it to Highbanks over the weekend for some hill action. If my body survives this coming week, I might just make it through this marathon!

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