Hoka 10k 2018

Hoka 10k 2018

Sunday, February 19, 2017

CTLR: 2 more weeks!!!

Countdown to Little Rock
Taco Tuesday for Valentine's Day!
This week, I started squaring away some of the details of my trip to LR:
  • I figured out the details of flying with both James and Ruthie. I've traveled with babies before, but I always forget the rules and really don't want any surprises at the airport.
  • I've locked down a couple of eating dates. I'll be reuniting with some high school cross country friends (including my coach!!) for dinner one evening. I'll also being going to brunch with Felicia, Amanda, and friends after our 5k/10k Saturday morning.
  • So, long story short, I haven't seen my biological dad in YEARS. He has never met my husband or my children. I will be 30-40 minutes away from him over the weekend, and he basically told me he couldn't drive to see me. Obviously, there is a history to this story, but this situation is bullshit...but I digress.
  • 2/13: REST. Complete and total rest. I needed it after a tough running weekend.
  • 2/14: 8 miles, 8:24/mile; Leg workout. Speed day. My friend asked a few of us to join her on the road for her speed workout. We deviated slightly from the original plan because one of us was having a tough day. We ended up taking turns hanging back for a mile with our friend so the rest of us could get in some faster miles. My workout ended up being 2 mile warm up [9:34, 8:58], 3x1mile with 1 minute recovery (I don't have a fancy watch so not sure of exact mile times. I do know the first was 7:18 and the other were likely in the 7:20s based on the pace my watch showed when I looked at it). Splits with recovery were [7:18, 7:46, 8:01, 8:03]. I ran my 4th repeat a little slower with my gutsy friend. I was proud of her for not giving up when she felt rough. It's so hard to be on the struggle bus! Then we ran a 1.5 mile cool down. Last two splits were [8:40, 8:49].
    Just a fun group of ladies ready to burn calories and eat donuts. [Tamara, Brittaney, Jessie, Katie, Meg, ME]
    That afternoon, I had time for a strength workout at the Y.

    Last day of my Yoga challenge.
  • 2/15: 6 miles, 9:08/mile; Shoulder/Chest workout. Between the speed workout and the leg workout yesterday, I was ready for something easy. It also allowed me to vent about my semi-conversation with my dad the night before.
    We "ran" into some of our favorites at the dam. [Tamara, ME, Karen; Meg, Melissa, Ellen]
    After work, I had a little time to an upper body workout before picking up the kiddos.
  • 2/16: 8.1 cycling miles, 30:09. I did a REALLY easy ride today. DOMS set in after that leg workout on Tuesday, and I just wanted to circulate the ick out of my legs.
    New shoes!
  • 2/17: 8 miles, 8:30/mile. HILL REPEATS. This time, I took it to the dam in Westerville. Amanda joined me for this cray cray hill. Our road warm up was approx. 3 miles [8:48, 8:04, 8:12] followed by about 4 miles of repeats [8:27, 8:41:8:46, 8:42], and the cool down [8:20]. The hill is almost a quarter mile...something like 0.23. Do that x8 and you have a good ole workout! It was hard to get up and go because I only had two hours of sleep...and that was broken sleep! Ugh. I felt like I was struggling up the hill, but still managed a great overall pace. Glad it's over.
    Why are we smiling after going up that hill 8 times? [Amanda, ME]
  • 2/18: 13.32 miles, 8:24/mile. I'm bound to run too fast when I run with my speedster friends. I feel like I haven't run with them in two weeks or so...I had to make an appearance!  Per usual, fun was had and I was SO happy to see them. I'm also super excited that this will be my longest run until my 26.2+!! EEK!
    I seriously cannot get over my crazy ass hair. Not sure what was happening. [Marion, Dani, ME, Jeanne, Jackie]
  • 2/19: 3.57 trail miles, 18:13/mile; Hatha Yoga Class. I joined some fellow runner ladies for my first adventure on the Alum Creek Trail. I've been wanting more exposure to trails to prep for my 50k in May. I seized the opportunity when I saw a post on one of my running pages. I already ran my miles for the week, but figured a few more wouldn't make or break me...unless I slipped and fell to my death. It was quite the adventure, and I can't wait to go back!
    Look at our pretty, clean shoes!

    Showing our buddy some love. [ME, Kara, Emily, Rebecca]

    Ropes growing out of trees!

    More creek crossing action.

    Nature. Such a peaceful morning.

    Our shoes earned their title of trail shoe!
Two weeks....TWO MORE WEEKS.

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