Flying Pig 2015

Flying Pig 2015

Monday, February 27, 2017

CTLR: 1 more week!!!

Countdown to Little Rock

My cute little sitter...mostly there, anyway.
Should I be nervous?! They say not to try anything new the week before your marathon or on race day. I'll be breaking that rule by [hopefully] sleeping through the night without a baby waking me up! LOL. I initially planned to stay in a hotel with Amanda rather than stay at my Uncle's house so that I could be close to the start line and not worry about waking up super early and parking. I never thought about the fact that this meant I would be sleeping away from Ruthie. I know I will feel HUGE mom guilt, but it will be nice to at least have the opportunity to sleep through the night.
  • 2/20: REST. I did absolutely nothing active except keep a 300 lb. man from rolling into a street in Grandview after going down his ramp in a wheelchair.
  • 2/21: 8 miles, 8:28/mile. Tempo run...or, as some say, progressive run. Warm up miles were 9:31 and 8:51. Meg and I did a great job, without looking at our watches, of progressing our miles...minus mile 6. I think two things happened that mile: we saw Karen and we had a couple of inclines that must've thrown off our mojo. Those six were as follows [8:31, 8:21, 8:10, 8:25, 8:10, 7:42]. I think this is my last fast run until my race!
    This girl is always up for whatever. A perfect friend for an anal person who has to have a program! [ME, Meg]
  • 2/22: 6.01 miles, 8:50/mile. Took it to the construction streets of Westerville for a few miles with Jessie and Brittaney. Good times were had...talks of racing, margaritas, and how pregnancy broke us down.
  • 2/23: 6.8 cycling miles, 30:07; Shoulder/Leg/Yoga Workout. A short work day meant that I could hope to sleep more the night before, and go to the gym in the afternoon. I kept the intensity very easy on the bike, followed it up with some good stretching, and punished my shoulders.
  • 2/24: 10 miles, 9:02/mile. I didn't feel awesome during this run. The only mile that didn't suck was the last one. The wind was slightly brutal, but I was running at a slower pace so I should have felt ok. It was also 75 degrees in February so that might have been a factor. LOL! It was amazing being able to run in a sports bra and shorts. In true taper fashion, injuries magically appear the couple of weeks before a big race. I don't have an injury per se, but my right hamstring and piriformis have been extra tight the past month. It will relieve with stretching and rest, but flare up when I run. I may try to get a little massage before I go to Arkansas. [side note: I promised to include the story of my post run drama with a disrespectful teenager, but I decided against it for now...maybe another day. If you are dying to know, give me your cell number and I can text it to ya.]
    I said this on IG: When I run through tunnels, I always think of Harry Potter and the Dementors. How appropriate that this is the graffiti in this tunnel.
  • 2/25: REST. Lots of time with my lovely family today. I also got to reconnect with some friends from my old community group.
    My two smallest loves.
  • 2/26: 6.27 miles, 10:18/mile. Today we had our monthly bRUNch at DK Diner. Last minute shenanigans meant that Christine had to stroller run with her sweetie Aiden. So, we all [Me, Sweat, Karen, and Meg] took turns pushing him on our route! We made quite the stroller relay team. Post run, we met up with Amanda and Jessie for some grub. My hamstring, piriformis, and shin were tight during the run again today. I'm hoping an easy running week in addition to my massage will help me for race day!
    This month's bRUNch crew. [ME, Jessie, Amanda, Karen, Meg, Christine]




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